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So does anyone know what the DLC will cost? Should we expect it to be priced as the others or what? I don't really have an idea of how they're going to roll out stuff, 3 packs or all 9.

I'm not sure if I should get the LE to get the maps, might be cheaper that way.

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I assumed they would be $10 a pop for each pack like in past games, but if the season pass is $25 for all 3 packs then they each might be a bit pricier individually to ensure that 15% savings. Gotta wait to see if the default maps are any good before I invest further.

Edit: or if I actually did the math, 15% of $30 is only saving 5 bucks... so, they probably will be $10 each. Not much of a deal when you don't know how the maps will be. I plan on playing Halo 4 until the end of the 360's lifecycle, but I might just take these one at a time.

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Just get the season pass. You get armor bonuses and it'll save you $15 if you get the game + the pass rather than the LE.

The LE is kind of a jip anyway. The FUD movie is just a stream via Waypoint and the "early access" to the other 6 specializations is going to be sent to everyone who plays before Nov 20. If you really want FUD, just wait until December and get it on dvd/Blu-ray for $10/$15

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Yeah, if you can find an LE, that is the way to go.

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