Halo 4 GT friends list roundup to Infinity...and beyond.

#51 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1912 posts) -


I prefer the co op stuff but I guess I'll do whatever.

#52 Posted by Venatio (4656 posts) -

xF1x Venatio is my gamertag, see you on the Infinity

#53 Posted by GunstarRed (5885 posts) -

GT. seamonster king

I like shooting other dudes in the face, but I'm far more interested in doing the campaign on legendary.

#54 Posted by Jondan (100 posts) -

GT: JondanDex

East coast Aussie.

#55 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -

GT: Bibamatt.

UK duder. Jumped into some matches with a few Bombers last night. Will be playing this game a lot for a long time. Send me a little note to sat you're from GB if you add me!

#56 Posted by localhost (21 posts) -

GT: iamlocalhost


#57 Posted by dendro157 (7 posts) -

GT: Schurz

up for almost anything ;)

#58 Posted by Kaineda77 (151 posts) -

GT is Iori77

#59 Posted by EpicBenjamin (674 posts) -

GT: Space Luchadeer.

#60 Posted by kevinkcd (3 posts) -

GT - KevinKCD

will be on around 4:00pm EST

#61 Posted by HairyMike87 (1201 posts) -

GT is hairybeast87

#62 Posted by Jugnutts (441 posts) -

GT: Jugnutts

#63 Posted by Scrawnto (2506 posts) -

GT: AgricolaPlumbis

#64 Posted by mewstu (91 posts) -

GT: STD0006

#65 Edited by QKT (254 posts) -


my xbox is broken but im running around the place playing on my friends'

#66 Posted by Vaancor (258 posts) -

GT: Vaancor

Waiting on my copy to get in today, would love to do some Spartan Ops or Matchmaker till I beat the campaign.

#67 Posted by Phatmac (5921 posts) -

List updated!

#68 Posted by csl316 (11111 posts) -
@Phatmac: Thanks for even taking the time to link everyone's profiles.
#69 Posted by Phatmac (5921 posts) -

@csl316: Oh it's the least I can do. :)

#70 Posted by EpicSteve (6909 posts) -

My GT is EpicBomb. I'll be on tonight, setting up some formal Bombing Run. Let me know if you want in.

#71 Posted by thebatmobile (991 posts) -

Great Sky Bear

#72 Posted by Philip (153 posts) -

GT: Pheee

Im on tonight from 8pm Mountain time

#73 Posted by guerrajr (62 posts) -

GT: huner87

#74 Edited by mwjeffcott (49 posts) -

GT: J Hardcopy

Haven't quite started yet, will do so within the next couple of days. Then I'm sure I will begin my descent into obsession.

#75 Posted by Wheatley117 (21 posts) -

GT is Wheatley117, lookin' forward to some decent Halo matches! A game night would be really awesome, great idea.

#76 Posted by Asmo917 (501 posts) -

GT is Asmo917. Should be playing this weekend, and I'll do wonders for your K/D ratio!

#77 Posted by _Chad (999 posts) -

GT: ChadMasterFlash

#78 Posted by dubs (50 posts) -

in for everything, gt: duberto

#79 Posted by Gnorbooth (293 posts) -

Let's do this team. GLHB.

GT = Gnorbooth

#80 Posted by Carac (53 posts) -

GT = Carac

#81 Posted by fallen_rock2 (50 posts) -

GT is fallenrock2

#82 Posted by Th3_Th0rn (19 posts) -

GT is Th3 Th0rn

#83 Edited by the_gouge (2 posts) -

GT is ZombiedPirate

Won't be on till tomorrow though. Duders hail from Canada!

#84 Posted by Rafaelfc (1818 posts) -

GT: NightmareEd

i'll get my copy tomorrow, so count on me duders!

#85 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1695 posts) -

GT: Captain Felafel

#86 Posted by Class_A_Ninja (58 posts) -

GT: Class A Ninja

#87 Posted by Brandler (79 posts) -

GT: Brandler

#88 Posted by Dourin (245 posts) -

GT is SuperJumpman

Feel free to add me. It's been so long since I had played halo multiplayer, I'd forgotten how much fun it actually is.

#89 Edited by EerieTraveler (38 posts) -

GT: Eerie Traveler

#90 Posted by Shademonger (161 posts) -

My GT is Shademonger as well. I am looking for enthusiastic and mature duders interested in organizing Grifball play as well as Forge tinkering. The new Forge tools are so robust and intuitive, I can't wait to see what the community can come up with this time around. I'm always at the ready to shoot some dudes in the face also. Cheers, bombers.

#91 Posted by sgnhh (7 posts) -

gt: sgnhh

#92 Posted by Redsox44 (519 posts) -

I'd love to play some Halo with GB people.


#93 Posted by crazymeeshu (2 posts) -

GT: a Reliant Robin

#94 Posted by big_jon (6182 posts) -

I see I am still not on the list for some reason...

#95 Posted by advocatefish (381 posts) -

GT is ElCaballoPalido

#96 Posted by amathos (5 posts) -

Definetly down whit shooting some dudes. GT : balvur

#97 Posted by Wes (270 posts) -

GT: Vegasaur

I need guys to play crazy custom games with! My list seems to have dwindled since the Halo 3 days.

#98 Posted by JTMosh (272 posts) -

GT: JTMosh

After TNT I need more custom games.

#99 Posted by Th3_Th0rn (19 posts) -

My GT in the list is misspelled; has an extra r.

#100 Posted by MrOldboy (1037 posts) -

I'm pretty full on my list, but try and add me. Always happy for more bombers on my list.


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