Halo 4 GT friends list roundup to Infinity...and beyond.

#201 Posted by posh (541 posts) -

GT: posh somme

need some people to play through the first 4 missions of spartan ops with on legendary or the campaign on legendary. or even just to party up with and play multiplayer.

#202 Posted by Hosstile17 (769 posts) -

Gamertag: Hosstile17

I play a lot of Infinity Slayer and Regicide. But, I am down for some Big Team and Spartan Ops.

#203 Posted by Dacnomaniac (444 posts) -

GT: ChocolateJebus

#204 Posted by ONIKAGEI (47 posts) -

ONIKAGEI - I play a bit of everything but mostly the Wargames. feel free to add me.

#205 Posted by cotain (27 posts) -

GT: cotain. I really only play Wargames. KDR is like 8k/7k. Not the best, but I do have a mic and like using teamwork. I usually play at night east coast time zone.

Hit me up!

#206 Posted by Mogoping (100 posts) -

GT AverageAsianY2K

#207 Posted by zombiellama (2 posts) -

GT ElGrundleHat if anyone is still playing!

#208 Posted by Ghost249 (250 posts) -

GT: Ghost249

I'm up for a GB Duder competition!

#209 Posted by bennym6 (426 posts) -

GT: bennym6

#210 Posted by JerryJellyfish (1 posts) -

GT: JerryJellyfish

#211 Edited by RichyHahn4 (53 posts) -

GT: Arc Assassin 4

feel free to add me, I just picked this game back up as my main console multiplayer game

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