Halo 4 multiplayer to have unlockable abilities, custom loadouts.

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Well that's just the way multiplayer has evolved. I'd be disappointed if Halo wasn't trying to be up there with the best. what im more interested in is what they try and add to stand out.

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Well color me no longer interested.

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The day when Halo rolls over is a day you know shit just got real.

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That doesn't sound good.

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They are missing the point. This is going to detract from the overall Halo experience.

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I like what I'm reading, but then again I liked Reach and nobody else seemed to, so I'm good.

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What I always enjoyed about Halo's multiplayer was that I didn't have to run a treadmill for eternity just to be on level ground with my opponents. Apparently that's an out-of-date way of making videogames. I am a little sad.

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I don't see how they can make Halo both return to Halo 2/3 gameplay but also have customizable loadouts and unlockable abilities. I suppose they could just make better use of the "class" system that Halo Reach had but whats the point if they are bringing back the BR which is going to be the be all and end all of the games weapons? If it's too much like a COD system then it's not really the level playing field that Halo provides. I also think it shows how much they want people to get back into Halo that the first trailer they are showing is a multiplayer one. It makes you wonder why they just don't go for Jeffs idea of just making MP only Halo games instead, especially if the MP also has a backstory.

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Sounds fine to me, I'm all for attempted changes especially to something I was getting bored with.

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So I guess I'll keep playing Tribes then.

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I know the loadouts in Reach weren't custom, but I did like having to pick them beforehand a lot better than the old way.

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This sucks. Always loved the way Halo did mutliplayer. I like how power weapons were around each map and that everyone was even at the start. The feeling of getting a new weapon or ability will be decreased if I can pick it from my loadout. I don't like this news at all. :/

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I'm not ready to shit on this yet.

In this interview with Frank O'Connor, Frank says that the new BR isn't a replacement for the DMR (or whatever it may be in 4) and specifically points out that there are other single-fire weapons in the game. If there are a significant number of new weapons, or even returning weapons from the other games, then I could be cool with a loadout system.

And yeah, Halo has always been about map control, power weapon spawns, etc. I can't imagine a loadout that would spawn you with rockets, there can still be rocks in the middle of the map.

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