Halo 4 UNSC weapon video.

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I am liking the look and sound of them all aside from the Rocket launcher, it really sounds quiet, and weak (like a slight breeze blowing through a partially open door or something like a dog whistle) to be representing an anti tank weapon in my eyes.

The new sound design is pretty different from the past Halo games, I for one find it pretty refreshing.

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It's... definitely a departure from the previous games. The Railgun gave me goosebumps (can't wait to try it out this fall!) and it's a pleasant surprise to know they're still keeping the shotgun in the game.

I've played the video over several times with a good pair of headphones and I'm just not feeling the sound for some of the weapons. They just don't correlate to how powerful some of the weapons look -- they sound weak or... something. The DMR and BR sound almost identical and not powerful enough. The sound of the SAW reminds me of the Halo 2 SMG which may or may not be a bad thing (the way the thing looks though, in my opinion, it should pack more punch). I'm personally digging the new sound the Rocket Launcher makes. But that Railgun... they just got that shit right on that Railgun... The AR sounds cool too... but that Railgun... do want!

It'll be interesting to see/hear how different the covenant weapons are. I only hope that they don't botch the sound of the Needler, it's become so iconic that changing it would be like changing the formula to Coka-Cola.

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Sounds really awesome. Game looks a lot better than in previous builds.

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After seeing and hearing the weapons in the video. I feel like they got half and half right, some of them look as though they be packing more of a punch. However, I will hold my complete judgement as depending on design it could make sense.

I will note that the rocket launcher doesn't sound at all like a rocket launcher should sound like to me though.

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I would love to use the SAW.

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Very hit and miss, the magnum still sounds like its fucking weak (yet its one of the strongest guns) and the shotgun lacked punch...but meh, I'll forget that in 5 minutes once I get my hands on the game.

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assault rifle sounds nice and thats about it..... the pistol sounds horrible

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I don't know, I like the sound of the rocket launchers, actually. I don't feel alone in saying that Halo is "futuristic" and I have a feeling sound projection is something most likely upgraded in those types of weapons. More efficient launching systems generally means a quieter shot.

EDIT: Damnit, now you went and got me all excited for Halo 4 :/

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I generally like the weapon sounds, Halo takes place in the years of 25XX, so it would be safe to assume that the UNSC have developed more advanced systems to launch projectiles from the rocket launcher for example. The pistol sounds a bit weak though, and the rail-gun sounds like a beast, which makes sense since it is based on the most powerful weapon technology in the UNSC arsenal (the Magnetic Accelerator Cannon).

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I thought most of the guns sounded OK. That shotgun sounds weak as hell though.

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Glad you chose the non-dubstep version of that trailer.

Promethean pistol if you pause at 0.48 right after he shoots the rocket?

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Sounds good. I don't understand the comments talking about how weapons don't sounds like they "should". It's almost 600 years in the future, they have creative licence to develop weapons that are very different from modern ones.

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I am surprised that no one has mentioned how awesome the Sniper rifle sounds.

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@big_jon said:

I am surprised that no one has mentioned how awesome the Sniper rifle sounds.

I was just about to. I saw some video the other day (no idea where) that featured the sniper and it sounds kick ass.

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Soo excited after watching this!

I think they all sound great, i actually like the soft sound of the Rocket Launcher.

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Never underestimate the Magnum, people.

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Looks good, sounds good. I really want to get my hands on that railgun >:)

On a side note, I think their introducing killstreak mechanics a la COD is a good move. The franchise needs to start evolving, even if it's just by imitation at first.


@Lebensbaum said:

Glad you chose the non-dubstep version of that trailer.

Promethean pistol if you pause at 0.48 right after he shoots the rocket?

good catch sir!

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So is the SAW a LMG? Has Halo ever had an LMG? I'm pretty sure that yes....but I can't seem to remember....

Also those guns sound pretty good and different, except the magnum.

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@Vinny_Says: Never has, It's a welcome addition in my eyes.

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Looking foward to the Railgun!...sooo excited! >_

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