Has Halo 4 Become Your Favorite Halo?

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Pretty simple really. Has Halo 4 become your go to Halo game? Or have 343 taken a huge dump on the Halo series? IMO Halo 4 is a great game, but it'll never beat Reach. Bungie poured 10 years of experience into that game and IMO that made it the best Halo. No doubt I'll get burned for saying that, but it's just an opinion. Thoughts?

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I haven't got any care to play Halo 4, but I'll agree with you on Reach. I won't ever pay for a Gold sub again, but I still jump on Reach to play firefight now and then.

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Not really at all, I miss 2.

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The first two are still great but Halo 4 is the best Halo this generation

3 and Reach just couldnt do it the way they were handled and ODST is someones lost chapter no one wanted to read

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absolutely. reach was garbage. the last great halo game was 3 . and this has rekindled that greatness and expanded on it in the ways i thought reach would have . i guess we had to wait a bit longer . but it is here now and it is the grandest of them all.

ive always disliked the campaigns. master chief is a cool guy, and the gameplay is reasonable, but the stories are such cheesy crap that its impossible to get into. any time cortana opens her mouth to spew some over dramatic bull shit i just cringe . in the campaigns they reach for emotional territory that they consistently failed to deserve . . and it comes out as cheese.

so i always judge halo by its multiplayer. and in my opinion this is the best yet .

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@andandroos said:

Has Halo 4 become your go to Halo game? Or have 343 taken a huge dump on the Halo series?

Somewhere in the middle? There's some smart new things added to Halo 4 but then it also felt like a medley of all the other Halo set pieces.

  • Dropship's with tunnels of covenant tumbling in at the beginning - Halo (2)?.
  • Dropship's coming in at the side through a weakened shield and there's turrets either side to defend - Halo 3.
  • Flying in a vehicle from tower to tower, landing on platforms to take care of business and moving on to the next - Halo: Reach.
  • Low gravity gunplay - Halo: Reach (which I feel they should of used more of tbh)
  • Cortana still being crazy - Halo 3.
  • 'That Scorpion sequence' - Every Halo.

There's something about the multiplayer that I can't put my finger on that doesn't feel right, the movement at times just feels sludgey, I don't feel as agile as I did in prior Halo's for some reason. Other than that the shooting stuff is spot on. I'd say Reach would just cut it because it was a great complete package and swan song for Bungie.

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I think I like Reach better on reflection, seemed to have more memorable gameplay moments and some better combat environments, Halo 4 is totally a great Halo, though.

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Reach had more to do, if they keep working on Halo 4 however (and maybe add Firefight in a dlc? Pretty please?) it'll beat Reach for me.
Firefight was just too much fun and I'm seeing a lot of new options with the Proms.

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Halo 4 is not Halo 1. So no.

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@DeathbyYeti said:

The first two are still great but Halo 4 is the best Halo this generation

3 and Reach just couldnt do it the way they were handled and ODST is someones lost chapter no one wanted to read

I have no idea what you're talking about. ODST is fantastic.

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I think it might, maybe it's because I'm big on the Halo fiction, and the inclusion of more of the expanded fiction really did it for me.

I can understand why other people might not think so, and I feel like 343i needed to get a "Halo-ass Halo" game done before they can feel like they can grant themselves more freedom (which I think we will see in Halo 5, I expect way less Covenant and more types of Prometheans).

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Doesn't have my crazy pistol, so no.

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Haven't spend much time in the multiplayer yet but it has the best campaign of the series.

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No. My favorite Halo is still a tie between Halo 3 and ODST.

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No sir, far from it. It's nothing compared to Halo 3 or Halo 1.

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Haven't played 4 yet but from what I hear it doesn't sound like it would a) pass Halo 1 campaign and b) Halo 2 multi still the best in the series

Halo CE is still my favorite by far, nostalgia and just being a lot of fun to play solo and in large groups, it is the total package.

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It's up there. I think the overall gameplay is better then Reach which is why I liked Reach as much as I did. But I think the overall feeling of Halo 3 felt more pressured and important. Halo 4's tone feels a bit by the numbers and subdued so far. But I'm not done with it so that might change.

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It was OK in my book until I discovered you can't give the flood any weapons for infection, thus destroying any hopes for a Predator game type. There is a special place in hell for developers that fuck up custom game options.


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Halo 4 in terms of multiplayer has been my favorite, the campaign is still really fun and has some great action but ODST in terms of story, the way it was told, the characters were really awesome and likeable and not forgetting the great voice work and including IMO the best Halo music.

I which we'd get a full blown ODST sequel following the same characters, with the multiplayer based on the Human/insurrectionist war (Human vs Human), with class based warfare like BF2 or TF2, but that's just me, I don't think majority of fans would like it though. I just reckon it's easier to change and tinker with things allot more if it was a spin-off and not with the actual franchise.

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Halo CE > Reach > 4

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I have no problem saying 4 is my favourite halo game, Reach is a very close second though. I think 343 did some really smart things with the multiplayer.

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I like it more than Reach but not as much as CE.

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No, every Halo game takes time for me to truly gather my thoughts on. I like Halo 4 a lot though.

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Halo 4 is my second-least favorite in the series. Halo 2 is the only one I enjoyed less.

Don't get me wrong. I still really like the game. But relative to the other Halos, I found it to be one of the weaker entries. Combat Evolved is still probably my favorite. Then Reach and ODST in some order. Then 3, which might be more in Halo 4's ballpark, if I had to really think about it.

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Halo CE has the best campaign/story, partially because of the grand scale that it presented in some missions (honestly, all of the games have a scene like the one where you first got a glimpse of the ringworld horizon), but mostly for those fastballs that it pulled ("Reclaimer" mystery, and that tension leading up to the first time the Flood appear).

Halo 2 vastly improved the multiplayer shinanigans and sort of spawned the Halo multiplayer following, imo, which makes it certainly significant in that regard. Halo 3 seemed like they tried to cram almost too much into the game, the campaign almost seemed to drag on, despite having some honestly amazing things (Forge and those vehicle types, man!). The multiplayer was roughly on-par with Halo 2 (maybe a little less silly in some regards, but that might just be me remembering how many exploitable bugs were in Halo 2). ODST is pretty much the same as Halo 3 but added firefight, which was a good decision, I'd say.

Reach, in my opinion, has the best multiplayer. The story was kind of what I expected, and I did enjoy it, but there were a fair number of anticlimatic moments. That being said, the level of Spartan customization, the new and updated weapon types, the introduction of some solid class types (armor lock was only one that I felt was openly exploitable, and it honestly wasn't that bad), and the great game modes all came together beautifully for Reach, and I felt that it showed that Bungie really wanted to give their franchise a good final sendoff.

For me, Halo 4 has had a lot of irksome flaws, partially from the story being told assuming you've read the books and doesn't so much as cover the plot holes that these assumptions create (the Didact never introduces itself before Cortana starts calling him that, without explaining where she pulled the name from). It also bugged me that they threw away all of the Human-Covenant developments of the third game in favor of creating a separate sect that is pretty much back to being "alien bad guys" with neither a voice or a face, and doesn't make mention of any of the Covenant who are supposedly allied with Humanity (you'd have thought they'd like to be in on studying the Composer, but instead the research base is Human-only...). That combined with the numerous modern warfare-inspired designs that seeped into both campaign and multiplayer, makes me a little cautious as to 343's plans for the franchise. They may have succeeded in making their Halo game feel fresh as a Halo game, but it also feels like it's moving a little too close to the highly repeated themes of other large FPS titles, which could result in the loss of Halo's identity as a franchise.

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Sure why not

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