I Have Extra Xbox Live Codes For Halo 4 Stuff

#1 Posted by jorojoserojas (275 posts) -

Due to an error at my store (and an awesome manager who was working at the time), I got an extra set of redemption codes when I picked up my Halo 4 pre-order. Because one part was missing, he printed a whole new set of codes for me, repeating some of the ones I did get. So he just said "give them to a friend, or something". So here I am!

Anyway, here's the stuff:

Forest Armor for use in Multiplayer:


Arctic Battle Rifle Skin:

Q2KC3 - 3RCC9 - YPPK6 - RVJF6 - 2G3FZ

War Games Haven XBL Theme:


Xbox Live Ghost Avatar Prop:


I figure if there's anyone out there who benefits from extra codes, it's this community. So enjoy!

#2 Posted by kadash299 (339 posts) -

I got the Theme and the Avatar Prop, Thanks for your generosity :)

#3 Posted by Labman (295 posts) -

NICE!! I'm not a Halo fan, so I'll let a real fan snag it, but that's pretty awesome of you.

#4 Edited by Loose (417 posts) -

Looks as if someone already redeemed the Armor and Battle Rifle Skin without posting a reply. Oh well, kudos for being a cool duder OP.

#5 Posted by jorojoserojas (275 posts) -

No problem guys! To be honest, I'm really the only gamer in my group of friends, so I just figured I'd let other like minded folk have this stuff.

#6 Posted by aidros (262 posts) -

For the Ladies....

From a Halo 4 headset I got as a gift for Christmas, a code for a Halo 4 UNSC Logo Female Avatar T-Shirt:


#7 Posted by big_jon (6128 posts) -

Oh God, I wanted that BR skin so bad...

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