Is Halo 4 becoming like Call of Duty?

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I've come around on some things - having extra information on the screen like "You are carrying the flag" or waypoints for where weapons are. Text on the screen over the reticle seems unnecessary, but my brain will be able to block out anything unimportant in the middle of a game. I hope the announcer doesn't get too annoying with redundant information however.

I prefer to have as clean an interface as possible when I'm playing, but for people who might not be that into Halo, these things will ease them in (to what can be a pretty intimidating game for a newcomer) and teach them the basics of what's going on. It could also make for a better spectator experience overall, which 343 might have intended.

Hardliners have to accept that they're not who 343 is catering to, and I can't really blame them given the track record of immaturity and abusive demands that come out of the competitive community. Meanwhile people that play Grifball and Living Dead show respect to the developer and actually enjoy the game they've been given.

Anyway, let this thread die duders. The OP left long ago and had no intention of a meaningful discussion.

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After seeing the success that the Call of Duty has year after year, why not take the best parts of the formula and make your game better?

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