Looking for Legendary friends!

#1 Posted by Mars (383 posts) -

Hey guys! I know that there's already a thread for gamer tags, however, I'm looking for people that are interested in going through the campaign on Legendary. I've already beaten the campaign but would be more than happy to watch the cutscenes if somebody hasn't. My GT: Wiener Seizures

#2 Posted by Mars (383 posts) -

Well, so far no takers after a few hours. Nobody playing the campaign? Feel to send me a request on Xbox Live if you're interested.

#3 Edited by Canteu (2891 posts) -

Pfff, be a man and do it solo. I did it, just like every halo before it. It's probably the easiest legendary campaign. Even easier than Reach in fact.

#4 Posted by Mars (383 posts) -

I don't have the patience for solo! Having an area reset after death frustrates the hell out of me. I wish I could though!

#5 Posted by Canteu (2891 posts) -

Don't die then! The AI in Halo 4 is fucking terrible. You can just sit at range and they wont activate. That's why it's the easiest legendary campaign.

#6 Posted by Redsox44 (519 posts) -

I would but I'm already going through it with somebody else. Good luck finding someone.

#7 Posted by Mars (383 posts) -

Hhmmmmm? Consider sucking less!?!? That's not a bad idea!

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