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I've yet to get Halo 4, but I've been a fan since I was a kid and playing Halo 1. I'm going to be honest, I enjoy the Halo campaigns, but for me, I really enjoy the multiplayer the most. My question to you all is: is the multiplayer enough to hang my hat on, or is it not quite up to par with some of the other games? I know it's a different play style, so I'm just trying to get a feel for what you all think.

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@Empirepaintball: I think the multiplayer is fine for what it is. Since it's the new thing, a ton of people will be playing this for quite some time to come. That said, people who are more hardcore about what Halo's multiplayer should be might soon return to one of the previous games. Still, I think there is enough there to justify the purchase and keep you occupied for some time.

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It's certainly good enough to keep you busy for quite a while, that's for sure.

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My Multiplayer Review: YO THIS SHIT IS DOPE SON.

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