Performance issues

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My launch Xbox is still chugging along but it seems to really struggle with Halo 4 sometimes, when stuff gets hectic I get terrible framerate issues. Is it possible it's because it's a launch Xbox, for example wasnt Rage supposed to perform better on the Slim? Or is it something else? This is the only game this happens with.

#2 Posted by jdh5153 (1034 posts) -

Is it installed to the hard drive? That'll help a lot.

#3 Posted by troll93 (395 posts) -

On my year old slim it runs like butter the entire time so it sounds to me like your box starting to kill itself.

#4 Posted by Shaunage (784 posts) -

I've never seen it hitch up at all and I'm on a pre-hdmi model.

#5 Posted by jdh5153 (1034 posts) -

@Shaunage said:

I've never seen it hitch up at all and I'm on a pre-hdmi model.


#6 Posted by L44 (583 posts) -

Alright I'll install it and see if that makes it any better.

#7 Posted by Village_Guy (2709 posts) -

It could the fact that it is a launch 360. Xenon have had problems, the other revisions (especially the newer motherboards (the Jasper, Valhalla or Corona)) are more stable as far as I know, especially with newer games.

#8 Posted by L44 (583 posts) -

Update: Installling it didnt change much.

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