Playing "older" Spartan Ops missions online?

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I've just bough Halo 4, so I'm a little late on the Spartan Ops episodes.

Is it not possible to play the older Spartan Ops episodes online with matchmaking? I've currently only been able to play the new episode.

And there doesn't seem to be an option to choose difficulty before Spartan Ops games.

As much as I'm loving the game so far, It also annoys me that campaign scoring, medals, firefight and campaign matchmaking isn't featured in the game.

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Not that I know of. Only the current Ops missions are online. But, if you post your Gamertag, I know plenty of bombers (myself included) would play the missions with you.

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My guess is they will allow it eventually when the seasons end (for now). They want to promote the whole 'experience the new episodes together!' thing.
But yeah, enough people out there who want to play them regardless.

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Kinda related to this, any word on whether they're going to open up the campaign to co-op with randoms? I liked that part of Reach.

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@UberExplodey: I think that will come in one day, but it is not there now.

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If they are bringing back campaign matchmaking.. I hope they will bring back campaign scoring as well.

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@nikolajfjordkorsgaard: KendoSlice 22...always willing to do Spartan OPs

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I have just started playing Spartan ops and am looking for people to play with if your willing to play with me my gamertag is sheercomic7661

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I still haven't finished the first level of Halo 4 lol.

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