Quickest way to take down a Promethean Knight.

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Sorry if this had already been asked but i didn't see a thread or guide.


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Shoot it.

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Melee it when it's angry and about to charge you. And then yeah, shoot it in the face.

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If you have the scattershot or shotgun and can close with it you can take it down fast but you open yourself up to getting melee'd and at least in Heroic, they can take you down almost immediately up close. If you can get your hands on a Needler, that thing will take care of them real fast. The new Needler rips up Elites and Knights in record time. I find usually though I've got a Lightrifle or a BR and in that case you pretty much just have to keep at it until it drops. Try to get as many head shots as you can.

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There's a reason you respawn with a plasma pistol a lot of the time in Halo 4's campaign - it's fantastic for taking out Knight and Elite shields in no time. A charged burst, followed by a few headshots from your BR/DMR/whatever rifle or a short volley from a fully automatic weapon finishes them off really quickly. Oh, and make sure you take out any nearby watchers first. A) They're annoying as hell, and b) they can throw up Hardlight shields to protect nearby prometheans, so try and pick them off from a distance before moving in on a Knight.

I've found melee being surprisingly useful against them too, but on Legendary and Heroic they're right nasty buggers up close so that's less viable. As SouthernDandy says too, the new Needler is lethal, and a supercombine or two just blows most enemies away extremely quickly.

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@Ursus_Veritas: Remember the Needle Rifle from Reach? I miss that gun, I understand why it's gone it kinda fits in the same slot as the DMR, BR and Lightrifle but that thing was rad. Getting a supercombine from real far away was awesome.

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@TheSouthernDandy: It's probably the only thing I miss from Reach - there are a lot of rifles to choose from in H4 already, but I would've loved to have seen the Needle Rifle in MP over the Carbine. Having to get up close to supercombine Knights in Spartan Ops and the Campaign made me miss it even more!

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Dump a 3/4 of a suppressor clip into it, then hit it in the face.

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@Ursus_Veritas: Right forgot the Carbine is in there too. Yeah Needle Rifle is awesome. AWESOME.

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At the end of the campaign on heroic I found using the suppressor and sentry ability in tandem was very useful. Felt like I finally got the hang of killing those guys.

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Does the plasma pistol then BR/DMR/Carbine/Pistol headshot combo not work? I mean, that's pretty much the best way to burn through elites/brutes on Legendary in the Bungie games.

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Take down the shields and then punch it, they seem like they can take a couple of shots to the head once the shields are down, so the "noob-combo" is slightly less useful against them - but plasma pistols still rule when taking down shields.

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Use the decoy to run past it then assassinate it. That or grab the light rifle or dmr/br and headshot it. Even on heroic I thought they were rather easy. Make sure you take the hovering enemies out so they don't shield it or bring it back to life.

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If you're on Legendary you pretty much have only a couple choices.

The Needler is the most viable close range weapon against Knights. Ammo is an issue, however, so you have to conserve the Needler more like a power weapon and less like a forgettable distraction.

The Noob Combo at midrange is perhaps the best way to deal with them. They're more resilient than Elites after their shields drop, so be wary of that.

By the end the game was throwing a lot of Incinerator Cannons at me, and I found these to be immensely helpful on my grind through the waves of Knights.

If you're without any Covenant weapons, then use the Lightrifle. Thin all the smaller enemies out first and then pick a Knight and work on him. It's an arduous process but it'll get you home.

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Needler is key for taking out Knights. Beyond that scattershot/shotgun and AR/Suppressor when up close. Anything but a light rifle becuase you'll be sitting there plinking at them for 5 minutes before they teleport away, recharge their shields and then tele-charge up in yo face.

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Noob combo.....charged plasma shot to take down its shield, then shoot it in the head with a precision rifle or magnum.

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Scattershot it in the face

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@Guided_By_Tigers said:

Noob combo.....charged plasma shot to take down its shield, then shoot it in the head with a precision rifle or magnum.

This pretty much, I also throw a grenade at their feet for good measure after the charged plasma shot.

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The Promethean grenades plus DMR/BR/Carbine/light rifle to the head is a pretty quick kill. The Knights have a tendency to stand on top of those grenades.

@Ravelle: Promethean*

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