#1 Posted by pompouspizza (296 posts) -

I could be wrong but I'm sure Jeff said the quicklook would go along with the review?

#2 Posted by big_jon (5808 posts) -

It will be up on Nov 6th most likely.

#3 Posted by Pie (7119 posts) -

In I love mondays didn't they say something about how they can show anything apart from singleplayer?

#4 Posted by pompouspizza (296 posts) -

@Pie: I really should check. unrelated but the game was sent today 5 days early so hopefully I'll get it before release anyway.

#5 Posted by gaminghooligan (1535 posts) -

I think it's still under embargo, but Brad said something about Forge on TNT on ILM so who knows what caveats there are on showing in game footage pre-release

#6 Posted by pompouspizza (296 posts) -

@gaminghooligan: Yeah I noticed from the gamespot review that they showed hardly any in game footage even though the review was around 8 minutes .

#7 Posted by Phatmac (5731 posts) -

They can only show multiplayer and forge but nothing from the campaign. So a QL will be done next Tuesday.

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