Server Issues Anyone?

#1 Posted by gaminghooligan (1725 posts) -

Been trying to play some multiplayer all evening but it looks like it is putting me in the overflow servers. I get this message at the bottom of the screen:

"The Halo 4 servers are not available. Please try again later. Matchmaking has switched to using the default playlist."

No clue what's going on, but my friends are all playing and have no idea what I'm talking about they say the game is working as usual. Did a quick search across the net and found mostly forum posts on 343 and Waypoint's forums asking what's up but most of them are from yesterday or way before. I checked 343's twitter page but they haven't really said anything about it. Anyone else having this issue tonight? Also I went ahead and tweeted them the problem about a half hour ago, hopefully they will respond.

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