So, are you fighting Elites in this (again)?

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I'm one of those people that loves to search for game and film wallpapers on Google, especially game, and as I was just doing so for Halo 4, I saw this image.

That's Master Chief struggling with an Elite. I'm not sure if they've already said who you'll be fighting or not since I haven't really be paying all my attention to strictly Halo, but I think this was an interesting thing to see, and maybe reveal? I love the Halo campaign's, it took me a little while, maybe late 2006 mid 2007 to get into it all completely, but I did and from there to now, I think it's one of the greatest sci-fi's out there.

Halo from CE to the beginning of two was always just kind of one of those games I felt everyone conformed to liking because it was "epic" and had good multiplayer, but I did play it quite a bit even though I wasn't that into it at the time. I'm excited for Halo 4, and I really just want to see what new setting they have. Anyways, do you think the Elite will be an enemy once again? If so, as of right now since it's unexplained, it's quite ironic. You can only guess.

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Gosh, I hope not. I hope they are more creative then that.

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Maybe they're just playing a friendly game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Anyway, I don't want to fight elites again. I was hoping for a new enemy and new everything else.

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343 has said that they won't be the main antagonists, but there will be some hostile covenant dudes.

I think I read that in one of the books that takes place after Halo 3 (Grass-something? Is that a Halo book?) a pissed off faction of elites and such break off from the rest of them to try to continue being evil, while the Arbiter and the majority of them go off to do whatever elites like to do when they're not shooting things.

Chances are the new primary antagonist is the Forerunners, or something Forerunner related. It should be fun to see their weapons, tech and so on.

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I was just reading on Wikipedia about the game, and it says that they're going with a more exploratory style of game play than the traditional first person shooter run 'n gun. I really like this idea. Whenever I play Halo, I go through the environments and wonder how the technology was made or if this will be possible in the future, I know, it's weird, but I do stuff like that, and look into the sky and wonder where Earth is. I really love knowing the little details in fiction, especially science fiction.

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@TBird13: Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I don't know about the novels, I haven't kept track of the Halo books. So there's one that takes place after Halo 3 huh? I was wondering if there was one, might have to check that out. Or I could just read the wiki I guess.

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Yep, it's Halo. Oh and COD. 

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@NTM: 343 has said that you will be fighting Elites and other Covenant early in the campaign as a means of easing players back into Halo gameplay. Then, as the game progresses (after Chief and Cortana crash land on the Forerunner planet Requiem), a new faction of enemies will be introduced that are completely different from the Covenant.

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I imagine it will be a covenant splinter group. I don't mind the covenant though I feel there integral to the Halo experience. The grunt redesign looks weird though.

Also as long as there's no god damn flood I will be happy.

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@Fosssil: Yeah, that makes sense. Cool. I can imagine it now.

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@Fosssil said:

@NTM: 343 has said that you will be fighting Elites and other Covenant early in the campaign as a means of easing players back into Halo gameplay. Then, as the game progresses (after Chief and Cortana crash land on the Forerunner planet Requiem), a new faction of enemies will be introduced that are completely different from the Covenant.

Given what they've said about giving story meaning to the multiplayer (which is spartan on spartan), and about exploring Master Chief's character; my money's on the new enemies being a group of rebel spartans, giving rise to divided loyalties with Master Chief and so on.

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They had a chance to do something special.

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Because the Elites are in a split in their society right now, some pro Humanity, the Arbiters side, and some crazy religious sect that is very much so not pro humanity, or into the Arbiter, they want to kill him. They also want to destroy humanity before it comes to destroy them, but the Elites are not doing so hot right now, damaged ships, ravaged military, and an over reliance on the other species within the Covenant to deal with all things outside of war, this means no doctors, scientists, or engineers. The Elites pre Covenant were the most powerful military force in the galaxy, they used their own technology and had no reliance on other "lesser" species to do their more menial or out right non glorified tasks.

Also because Elites are awesome and fun to fight.

Also, they are the secondary enemy in the game, the primary has not been revieled.

Halo has always had amazing AI on AI fights, I can't wait to see the new enemies fighting Elites and the rest of the current Covenant gang.

Yeah, I like Elites, I know a lot about them and made my gamertag "Zealotsangheili", this shows my nerdom, but so what, you want to fight about it?

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@big_jon: No, I like the Elite's as well.

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I read the title as fighting elitists.

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@CrazyBagMan said:

I read the title as fighting elitists.

Every video game does that just by being released.

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From what I've heard from various sites (can't seem to find any of the articles right now, ha!), you are in deed fighting Elites. Any more beyond that is pretty much speculation at this point, since 343 will probably keep tight lipped about any story elements till up around release.

Hope that helped!

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@ImmortalSaiyan said:

Gosh, I hope not. I hope they are more creative then that.

The developers are introducing an entirely new foe with new weapons and tactics. Or so the Game Informer issue said. Anyway, we're promised something that doesn't look or behave like the Covenant or the Flood.

However, there are enemy Elites in this game. Whether they're the main Elite force doing another Face-Heel turn or just a crazy offshoot that still hates humans hasn't been fully specified yet, but my money would be on the latter. From the sounds of things, they aren't even the main antagonist of the game, just a thorn in the Chief's side (i.e. some easy way to introduce variety and tension into the campaign).

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@believer258: I see, well as long as the elite are a side attraction and the main foe for Master Chief is all new I will reframe premature criticism. My ideal hope for Halo 4 is that story/enemys/environments/etc be totally different while keeping the signature Halo gameplay in tact. I bet that is wishful thinking thought.

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I like fighting Elites, sure as hell beats Brutes, boring and easy apes.

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Now hold on guys. This is all just speculation obviously but, what if the Elites you are battling have actually gone crazy for some reason? Or, better yet, what if they were all being controlled by something else?
Or even FURTHER: What if this new threat was actually a threat of overwhelming technology, Borg style? Yeah, the flood may have already been doing this as far as controlling people but on the other hand, the Flood never gave us any cool weapons to play with or any awesome environments for that matter. (Oh look, I'm traveling through a large instestine.) At that point, if they actually made the storyline as detailed above then shut up and take my money, 343.

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