So they made a really real Warthog.

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Thing looks fucking badass, and is actually a life-sized replica of the Halo 4 Warthog.

Here it it

Now some of you may remember the Weta Warthog made for the original Peter Jackson Neill Blomkamp Halo movie that was supposed to come out, now that thing was impressive, and used in many Halo live action pieces however it was actually only 66% of the size of a scale Warthog, now we have a near full sized 8 foot tall Warthog out there, it weight 7200 lbs, and is still drivable! It has a higher top speed than the one in the game too!

Yes, it was awesome.

This thing is built on a Humvee chassis, it's 17 feet long, 8 feet tall, and it has a chain gun. I wonder what kind of engine it is packing.

Yes, it is huge...and still 12% smaller than the one in the game.
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I feel like they've done this before... but seriously, that thing looks pretty damn cool.

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Oh! It'd be cool if they rigged the chain gun to shoot paintballs.

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I'm pretty sure they did this before Halo Reach came out, and I saw it on Xbox Live's Inside Xbox or something. Besides, didn't they make one for the filming of Forward Unto Dawn?

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@kgb0515: Did you even read my post?

I mean there is a picture of me standing next to the original Warthog above the new one for reference.

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Yes, but is that the one they used for the web series? That one was much larger and so on. Just asking. Sorry I blew up.

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@kgb0515 said:

Yes, but is that the one they used for the web series? That one was much larger and so on. Just asking. Sorry I blew up.

The older, smaller one was in FUD.

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Holy hell that thing is huge. So badass. The original weta Warthog had working 4 wheel steering didn't it?

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@TheSouthernDandy: Yeah, it was a little more detailed inside the dashboard too.

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That's kinda cool

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I.... want..... one.... :(

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But can you drive it with two analog sticks?

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