Spartan Ops Episode 6 is out, and it is way better than 1-5.

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I just finished episode 6 and I had to come tell you guys that it's head, and shoulders above the first 5 episodes. The levels feel a lot more like campaign in structure, the combat scenarios are better, there are new locations, stealth sections, everything you are doing now feels like it is directly tied with the mission and duologue, and it is less about throwing too many enemies at you and more about finding cool situations to fight them in, you can really tell that some of the campaign guys came over to help work on this. If you are at all interested in Spartan Ops, I recommend you go download the new Spartan Ops episode pack, watch the episode 6 cinematic, and play the 5 levels that they have to offer, I think this is the first time that we are seeing Spartan Ops reach part of its full potential.

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Fantastic news! I was, in all honesty, a bit disappointed by the first bunch of episodes. I honestly thought that Firefight was a superior mode. But I'm all for some improvement if it moves it more towards what was initially promised!

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Ugh, now I actually have to go hook up the xbox.

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Yey, am going to coop through Ep 6 tonight, thanks for the head up that it's good. I was playing through episode 2 the other night and found it a bit tedious, unfortunately, even though I loves me the Haloz.

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I need to play this later. The story was getting really interesting. I was kinda getting sick of seeing the same 3 or 4 arenas over and over in previous episodes.

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I caught some of the gameplay on GameSpot and i'm pretty excited that they've taken the criticism to heart. Spartan Ops shoulda been like this to begin with. Hopefully the rest of the episodes aren't falling back on recycled environments again.

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I just loved the fact that there were 5 new maps to shoot things in. And the fact that they feel more narratively connected with each other then the past episodes is a huge bonus.

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Would have played this but my wireless adapter is dead and I'm having a fever, so I can't go buy a new one.

Honestly, this is great news. While Halo 4, in my opinion, was a disappointment, I'm willing to accept that it is 343 Industries' first attempt at a video game as a team and leaving their new mark on such an established franchise is no easy task. With the second half of Spartan Ops, I think we're gonna see the team begin to understand what they did right, what they did wrong and how they need to address it, for Spartan Ops and future Halo games.

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