Speculating on the Music of Halo 4

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I just wrote an article for my website speculating about the music of Halo 4 based on what information has been shared so far. I'd greatly appreciate it if you read it and shared your thoughts.

Behold an Unknown Horse: The Music of Halo 4

What do you expect from the music of Halo 4? I'd love to hear your opinions!

Thanks! :)

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Nerd cred, through the roof.

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Haha, amazing! Those are some epic photos!!

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Sotaro Tojima is the audio director for Halo 4, not the composer. 343i has yet to announce who's composing the score.

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I have high expectations. The music is a key part of the Halo experience so I hope they get a great music composer.

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Halo 4 needs to be pretty much 100% Wub, wub dubstep and nothing else. The voices should also all be auto-tuned.

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@ShadowSkill11: And more bacon.

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Yeah, I wonder what it'll be like as well. Right as I type this, I'm listening to the Halo: Reach soundtrack. I read that a lot of fans want Hans Zimmer to do it, I wouldn't necessarily mind that, though I don't think that's going to happen. I do think it's a good time to get a film composer to help on the project though. James Horner hasn't done any games, and I can imagine him doing a project like Halo. I don't agree with the whole "video games trump films", but as of now, equal. I see games just starting to really approach cinematic soundtracks, and I think film composers are a great fit and would give them a new challenge.

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I liked what I heard in the vidoc 343 put out. The challenge is in inventing a new theme for this new trilogy, considering how iconic Marty's work is. But I'm rather excited to hear the new score. It'll no doubt be as grand and as epic as the previous soundtracks.

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Marty was a very good composer, but 343 seems like the can understand and handle what makes Halo, Halo. I'm curious as to whether they'll carry over the Monks, though. I bet they'll either save them for the end of the game action piece, or they'll just whip em' out at the start menu.

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