Which Halo to get

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I've just finished playing Halo 4 and was looking to go back and play some more Halo, so which one would you guys suggest? I am primarily interested in the single player as 4 will be doing all my multiplayer needs for now.

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What's with this sudden claim that ODST is the best Halo? DIdn't everyone basically pan it at the time?

I'm of the mind that Reach is one of the best, but 3 would tie in nicely to 4 somewhat.

Really tempted to play the trilogy again...

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Three. Reach is ok too.

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Reach has the best campaign, none of the others are worth playing anymore, certainly not a second time.

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Have you played any of the others? Maybe start from the beginning and work your way up?

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@beeftothetaco said:

Three. Reach is ok too.

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I haven't played 4. And I really doubt I ever will.

But 3 and Reach were pretty good games. If you haven't played Halo 3, start that one up now. It will probably feel a little dated, but 3 had a really good sandbox campaign. More than half of the missions was just a bunch of vehicles, a ton of enemies, and a huge map.

Then I would play Reach, Reach's campaign was pretty cool. Then again maybe I liked running around with my own white and purple spartan. The space bits are worth it just for those alone, then again it just made me wish Bungie made the campaign revolve around space missions.

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Reach's campaign is either slightly behind or on par with Halo 4's, ODST is also a really cool game.

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Halo 1 is the best Halo, and always will be. Go play that.

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the first one is the last one with a good campaign. so id say anniversary definitely.

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Halo 1 has not aged too well I feel. I think Reach is the best overall game.

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ODST had my favorite campaign so I'd go with that.

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CE, still my favorite in the series

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I actually like ODST a lot. You weren't a badass Spartan and the night stuff was awesome. Wish I had Tron-like vision.

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@Canteu said:

Halo 1 is the best Halo, and always will be. Go play that.

You have not played it recently.

That game raised me, but it does not hold up well.

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@project343: Yes I have, and yes it does.

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Reach is still the one I'd recommend. Id pass on ODST, that stupid low health constant beeping made me hate this game more (although to be fair the story / pace change was interesting).

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@GetEveryone said:

What's with this sudden claim that ODST is the best Halo? DIdn't everyone basically pan it at the time?

I'm of the mind that Reach is one of the best, but 3 would tie in nicely to 4 somewhat.

Really tempted to play the trilogy again...

I have no idea. ODST is fine, but I don't see how it's so good. If anything, it was a little weaker, because it was so short. I remember it being way shorter than a normal Halo game.

Anyways, go with Reach if you've played Halo 1, or Anniversary if you haven't.

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Wouldn't say that ODST is the best Halo but with all of them out there, it was the best at presenting the story, was a bit different but not much & gave more atmosphere to the world making it more alive than some of the other Halo games.

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@Canteu said:

@project343: Yes I have, and yes it does.

Then I think you are fucking crazy. There is a whole stretch of levels in that game that are complete bullshit and reek of artificially padding out the experience (Library, Two Betrayals, Keyes). I love Combat Evolved as much as the next guy, but them rose-tinted glasses are hella foggy, son.

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@project343: I'm sorry I still like a game that you don't?

But of course, on these forums. You are right and I am wrong, because.

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@Canteu said:

@project343: Yes I have, and yes it does.

I agree. It has some rough spots, admittedly, but Halo 1/CE/Anniversary/whatever the hell you want to call it still holds up remarkably well.

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Really they are all worth playing, aside from 2. I'd skip that one. Given how cheap they are, why not start at 1 and just go through the series?

And having just played through 1 again a couple of weeks ago, yeah, it holds up just fine.

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Reach is the best game in this poll. Go with that.

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I haven't quite finished Halo 4 yet, but I stand by my statement that ODST is the best Halo.

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Go through all of them in order if you have the patience. So go with Reach first I guess.

Also after playing all of them recently in one go I found that reach had the weakest campaign besides 2.

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My favourite from all the games has still been the first Halo, because of how the game let you explore this strange new land at your own pace. Just you, your assault rifle, magnum, and a warthog. The different ways you could approach a combat situation, the reactions from the covenant, and the pace of it all was just fun. Halo 4 feels more like oldschool Halo in my opinion. It's making me feel the way I felt playing Halo 1, like 343 Industries wanted to bring back what made Halo 1 so different. I'm just about to finish it on Legendary. Pretty sweet.

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Well, the price is not so much of an issue as compared to the time commitment, so I think that I might grab reach and then try and work my way up through the series.

Also, because I am lazy, when should ODST happen, between 2-3 or after 3?

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From a gameplay point of view, go with Reach. It's a really good campaign and plays very similarly to 4. Then I'd recommend playing some ODST. It's such a very different game and it's a nice refreshing "break" from traditional Halo.

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I personally liked Reach over halo 3. I have the Anniversary one still to get through... Listening to the Librarian cutsceme about killed it .....

But that doesn't matter anymore. Giantbomb, and Drew in particular, have broken my spirit. I was not going to get Halo 4., at least right away..But after so much exposure and Drew doing the TNT and all, I slunk down to Fry's today and got a copy. (BTW, F***ing Amazon thursday was wanting an extra 9.00 dollars for Sat delivery..why??????)

But I liked Reach because it played well for me, and I liked the story(grim/sometimes sad)

The Master Cheif thing gets a little annoying to me, though I have to say the beginning cutscene to Halo 4 was kind of suprising/interesting....

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