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Master Chief embarks into a tremendous journey

Game play: After lots of years into the Halo franchise we have experienced that the storyline in every game is very intuitive and playing through the entire campaign of Halo 4 keeps you on the edge of your chair and keeps you wanting to play from the beginning to the end. In total there's 8 missions, around an hour each. As a United Nations Space Command Spartan you're ultimate goal is to save humanity from an ancient threat taking over. When I finished Halo 3 years ago I thought that the story was settled to be done, as we all know it companies will always continue a series if it keeps making profit. I heard about Halo 4 and I thought personally that It would be a mediocre game and most people would end up buying it because its called Halo 4. Turns out I picked it up, started playing it and I was utterly stunned not just in the visuals of the game but on the core game play itself. If you have never played a Halo game then I suggest playing the previous in the series and if you have played the Halo games in the past than I strongly suggest you get a copy of Halo 4. At first I was skeptical about the Halo series continuing on because of the game play being repetitive in comparison to its predecessor but I was entirely wrong on that part.

Graphics: Looks great and plays great!, Compared to Halo 3 I find the characters to be well detailed and the environments are very futuristic.

Sound: The music is really neat with the setting of the events happening in Halo 4, especially the dramatic ending that you'll be shocked with. I'm not gonna mention any of the endings part because its the best part of the game in my opinion.

Positive +

+Great New Campaign

+Lots of New Vehicles and Weapons

+A Very Shocking Story

Negative -



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