So... this multiplayer thing?

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The biggest question on my mind is this:  What will be happening with the multiplayer?
343 have already said that the maps will be comming to reach - ok thats cool, means they're tailoring to the fans right?, i dig that. My question is pointing towards a newer lvling up system, as im assuming H:CEA will have its own new system for multiplayer?? or will it??? 
If it does, what would be the point?  i guess achievements and things...   Now don't get me wrong, i love Halo, and i'll be picking this up for sure..  But is there much point in leaving the Reach multiplayer  if it's getting everything aswell?

#2 Posted by HatKing (6456 posts) -

I'm guessing that it will be just like ODST.  The single player campaign will be on one DVD while the 'complete' Halo Reach multiplayer will be on another.  The Halo Reach multiplayer will essentially be Halo Reach sans the campaign. 

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From all the information I have heard so far, it seems to be that Halo story is the Halo 1 engine with some updates and the competitive multiplayer is the reach engine with a specific playlist with seperate leveling. Not sure if it will be a single disc or two, one campaign and one multiplayer like ODST.

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Anniversary is not getting its own multiplayer component. Aside from the updated campaign from Halo: CE, there are going to be 7 maps included (1 firefight, 6 normal) that are recreations of classic Halo series maps for Halo: Reach's matchmaking - shortly after the release of CE:A, those maps will be made available as DLC for Halo: Reach. 
343 are working on a title update to make Reach feel more like classic Halo (Overshield and Invisibility powerups on the 'classic' versions of these new maps, no weapon bloom, melee bleedthrough, etc) that will be unveiled at Halo Fest, which happens at PAX next week. The TU will bring in 'Anniversary' playlists into Reach that use the new gameplay changes and these new maps when they come out.

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Yea, its basically a map pack...sadly.

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 Ahh thanks for clearing that up, all. Even though it basically comes down to a mappack, i'm still signed on for it! :))

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They're also adding more options for custom games. You'll be able to remove bloom and other things to give it a more classic feel. Hopefully they will have a playlist with these settings as well.

#8 Posted by Slaker117 (4856 posts) -
@SpikeSpiegel: They are.
#9 Posted by big_jon (6155 posts) -

It's better that it ships with Reach maps than the alternative.

#10 Posted by DonPixel (2737 posts) -

@salad10203 said:

Yea, its basically a map pack...sadly.

A map pack with some of the best maps mankin has ever created - nothing sad about it really.

#11 Posted by vCOOKIE_MONSTAv (60 posts) -

@DonPixel said:

@salad10203 said:

Yea, its basically a map pack...sadly.

A map pack with some of the best maps mankin has ever created - nothing sad about it really.

yah. not sad AT ALL

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