Want to get back into the MP. This or Reach?

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Hi folks. I've been out of the loop on Halo mp since I stopped playing the original back on the xbox, but I've recently been interested in picking it back up again. I was just wondering which of the two games had the better and more populated multiplayer modes, this or Reach? SP isn't much of a concern as I've managed to play through all the campaigns at one stage or another through renting/borrowing the games.

Thanks for your input :)

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Reach and Anniversary share multiplayer. The Anniversary maps are available as a map pack you can buy on the marketplace for Reach. If you buy Anniversary you can only play on those 6 new maps. The Reach disc gives you access to more maps.

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Ah I didn't know that. Thanks spree. I guess I'll grab Reach and the Anniversary map pack then, seems to be the cheapest way to get the fullest experience.

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A code for the extra maps is bundled with Anniversary, so you dont need to use the anniversary disk to play MP. Plus the cheevos and terminals in the campaign give you a reason to go back to the SP.

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Reach is probably the way to go, but keep in mine you are like four map packs behind, so many matchmaking playlists will not be available to you.

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Well, if people still play it. Last I was on, about a year ago now, there were only about a thousand people on. Damn, that sucks, two and three were the best ones.

Anyway, Reach + all the map packs + Anniversary map pack. It's a lot of content but it will cost you a pretty penny. You need all of the map packs before you can participate in most of the playlists, by the way.

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