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Genesis 0

Back in 2011 there was entire decade separating the FPS genre from the release of the original Halo, but it didn’t feel like it. Part of this was the way the years naturally fly by, but this phenomenon can also be attributed to the way that Halo feels more like a part of modern shooters than games released just a few years earlier. Legitimising the console FPS, pioneering now standard mechanics for the genre, and playing a crucial role in establishing Microsoft as a contender in the consol...

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Halo Anniversary 0

Let's be honest. Very few folks in the gaming community don't already have a firm opinion as to the gameplay and mechanics of Halo. As these points have been belabored for the last ten years, I won't rehash them here. For this review, I'll focus on the changes, the content, and my overall impressions.Graphically, I was impressed to see how much life had been breathed back into the campaign with the new visuals. While watching a play-through of the campaign, one friend noted that this was the gam...

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To the fans, with love 0

I don’t want to blow anybody’s minds here, but Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is Halo: Combat Evolved. Very little has changed, and that is far from a bad thing. Captain Keyes still hands you an empty pistol with ammo in it.  There are still overshields in the Covenant boarding ships.  The flashlight is on the end of your gun and the light still whirls around when you melee with it enabled. That is still a subtly amazing little feature. Everyone in the escape pods still dies when landing on Ha...

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Halo: CE Anniversary Review 0

Halo: Combat Evolved changed the course of videogame history and its name is etched on a list of titles that defined the medium. Before Bungie’s milestone was released in 2001, the gulf separating console and PC development philosophy was considered too large to bridge; there were games on consoles and there were games on the PC. This first-person shooter not only redefined the genre with its vast pool of combat options but successfully mapped its mechanics to a controller, opening the door for ...

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Authentic Campaign, but Multiplayer is a missed opportunity 0

I'll make this as clear as I possibly can: My pair of rose-tinted glasses for this game are the rosiest and foggiest of glasses. This and the Resident Evil series essentially defined my early childhood, and I have nothing but fond memories for Master Chief's escapades about and around the not-Niven ring known as Halo. In playing this remade, remastered, retextured version of the very first Halo game, I have only been reminded of one thing: A lot of things have happened in video games since the f...

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I don't like Halo 16

Halo isn't a very good first person shooter. The HUD of Halo is just annoying. Instead of being like other contemporary FPSs, Halo insists on representing all of its ammo onscreen as lots and lots of tiny bullets, instead of simple easy to read numbers. This is lame. There is no need to fill up the top corner of the screen with rows and rows of bullet symbols, just show us a fucking number. Like... if it said 60 in the corner? That would be fine, that would work for me. I can...

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Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary 0

It is hard to believe that it has been a little over 10 years since the release of the first Halo. In that time the series has accomplished a lot: successfully launched the Xbox, sold tens of millions of games, and crossed into other forms of entertainment including comics, novels, and movies. Halo is the game that Microsoft built their Xbox empire on, so it’s no surprise that the game is getting the remake treatment for its 10 year anniversary.In the past there was generally two different ways ...

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Theres something seriously wrong when sixty dollars for ODST seem 0

It'a been while since I've played and I alread typed up a blog about this and had it eaten up by Gamespot so forgive me if this one feel a little half assed, it's hard to care as much the second time around.With the tenth anniversarry one of modern gaming's most important franchises it's no surprise that Microsoft would try to capitalise on it with a new Halo game release. While there's some obvious ways this Anniversary could have come to fruition it instead explores multiple directions and ult...

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Halo Lets take a look back 0

On November 15, 2001 A game was released as a launch title for the Xbox. Halo Combat Evolved was definitely a game like no other. There was no aiming down your sights or fighting against the Axis forces. In the original game you are Master Chief. Master Chief is supposedly the best spartan there is. Now enough about the original lets look at the remake. Halo CE Anniversary is just as good as the original game itself. Now i hate talking about graphics but its a major piece of a game. The graphics...

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Mini Review: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary 0

This review is of the Master Chief collection version of Halo. The foundations are here with great combat that requires some thought like it is half puzzle all action. Along with a few nice set piece moments that remind you how much fun it is to drive a warthog or the explosive dramatic intro level that lets you know what you've gotten yourself into. The overall story line is a little lacking but it also has its moments. It is also to bad that all the interesting story bits are hidden in termina...

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