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No achievements.  I wish it did though.

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no, there's no achievements.  all MS does for the downloadable games is basically copy the disc onto there servers and charge for you to download a copy of the disc.  It still has all the little emulation problems that you would have using the disc, but its on your hard drive taking up precious room now.

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Nope. No Xbox original game has achievements, and they never will.

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If they want to increase downloadable Xbox Original game sales, they are going to have to include some sort of achievements. For those who listens to Major Nelson's podcasts, he did an interview once with a guest and he mentionned that it is possible to enable achievements although you would need to reprogram certain elements in the game. In other words, you would need to download an update/patch that is not typical like other updates since this one could be in some cases over 10 mb due to the numerous codes enabling the game to activate achievements. Lastly, you would need permission of the developper and publisher who made the game previously, and not many of them would take time to do so since:

a) the developpers who made the game does not work there anymore. b) they are extremely busy with current projects, why bother reprogram a game they worked on many years ago?

In other words, it would be an extremely time consumming and tedious task that not many would love to do willingly.

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