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#1 Edited by TheCreamFilling (1230 posts) -

 So for those of you that have completed this seemingly impossible task, post here and let your unyielding might be displayed!
Also, I'm curious to hear what you think was the hardest part of the game.
For me the toughest part was on the last mission, the final standoff before the MAC gun. There were no good weapons, only assault rifles and shotguns, which are completely useless. I was thankful it was Brutes there instead of Elites otherwise my small reserve of DMR would not have been enough. And Emile wasn't around anymore to draw the enemies' attention away.  
I was lucky that I accidentally swapped out my Drop Shield for a Hologram earlier because four Brutes dropped in right on top of me (another example of the bad checkpointing system), thanks to their simple minds, they chased my hologram as I sliced them with an energy sword one by one. If I noticed that I picked up the hologram, I probably would have never survived and had to start the level over, which would have sucked because it took me a little over 3 hours to reach that part.  

#2 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -

The beach gave me shit checkpoints randomly and left me defenseless against ghosts. Other than that it was prolly the funnest legendary run I've played
(wonder if my achievements have synced up yet....)

#3 Posted by weegieanawrench (1955 posts) -

Sweet, I'm in too. Just got it this morning. Congrats on snagging those cheevos.

#4 Posted by suikoden352 (485 posts) -

i prolly shouldn't be posting in this thread but i am working my way up the chain right now thru legendary. already beat the campaign twice(solo and co-op) on normal and so just jumpin head in and tryin the best i can to stay focused and not get too worked up because of stupid things like the silver and gold elites and friendly ai problems. i'm stuck right now on the night mission. am getting swarmed at the refueling station with drop ships coming in left and right. hopefully i can work it out and beat it soon. hopefully will be able to join ya'll soon in the club.

#5 Posted by Immuniity (264 posts) -

Can we talk strategy? I'm going to attempt this achievement and i really would like some help with it.

#6 Posted by Euey (103 posts) -

Definitely that last level. Handing the package off & then having to deal with the 4 Elites guarding the mass driver cannon when you have absolutely NO ammo left.

#7 Posted by wealllikepie (818 posts) -

well i had a lot of difficulties with the 2 hunters in sword base the first time in the basement room, because there were only assault rifles and shotguns, and very little room to maneuver around

#8 Posted by Terjay (855 posts) -
@Immuniity said:
" Can we talk strategy? I'm going to attempt this achievement and i really would like some help with it. "
Pick off enemies from the longest range you can. Make every special weapon count and go for headshots. Use the plasma pistol + needler/needle rifle/dmr whatever combo. When you have a vehicle destroy everything/let the gunner kill everyone before going on foot. Let the AI dudes kill enemies before running in the fight, the spartans are invincible.
#9 Posted by Terjay (855 posts) -

Also cheese the HELL out of the active camo and try to steal enemy vehicles. I just snagged a wraith and laid waste to everyone and then used active camo to slip in the control room in the final part of Exodus.

#10 Posted by GunnBjorn (2905 posts) -

I played the game on normal difficulty setting, and still struggled getting through the campaign. Am I the object of ridicule now?
#11 Posted by Wasara88 (338 posts) -

I found the second playtrough on Legendary to be easier than the first one on Heroic,but can someone tell me why my achievements haven't been updated since 9.14?

#12 Edited by TheOther (79 posts) -

It was actually surprisingly easy compared to heroic. I've usually played Halo on normal and this time I decided to man up and go heroic. Then I figured I'd try legendary. The hardest part was definately the ending of Exodus (the beach part). Had to destroy the wraiths by stunning them with a plasma pistol repeatedly while running towards them to drop a grenade in.
About the brutes/elites, I found the brutes to actually be more annoying enemies than the elites. The elites you could just plasma pistol/headshot while the brutes (especially the grav hammer/fuel rod gun ones) took way more effort. I found the needle rifle to be really effective with only 3 shots to an unshielded target to supercombine. That was especially useful with the shielded brutes, plasma pistol/ 3 needle rifle shots.
The thing is, even on heroic you really have to take it slow and be smart about how you deal with the enemies and try to take the elites and brutes one on one. So after that the heroic/legendary jump wasn't really that big since I already had learned the best tactic for each enemy. In fact legendary felt easier than heroic just because of that.

#13 Posted by Durakh (44 posts) -

for me definitely "The Package". After handing over the package and fighting 4 more Elites was just... bah... hard? 

#14 Posted by Immuniity (264 posts) -
@GunnBjorn said:
" I played the game on normal difficulty setting, and still struggled getting through the campaign. Am I the object of ridicule now? "
Play it on whatever the fuck you want. If you feel challenged by normal, then play normal. As soon as the game feels too easy, its time to bump it up a notch.
#15 Posted by Computerplayer1 (1066 posts) -

Just got through the half way mark. It's been about as difficult as it was in two player co-op which is to say it's probably easier than it would have been trying to do it solo first. 
I would say the hardest part for me so far was also the two hunters in sword base before the elevator. I had to circle right and kill the elite and two grunts in the far room where the elevator is before poking my head out of the door to sloooowly kill the hunters off.  

#16 Posted by DrPockets000 (2876 posts) -

I'm working on this achievement right now. 
It burns so good.

#17 Posted by Terjay (855 posts) -

Also you don't actually have to defend anything at the defend objectives. Just chill back and let the AI spartans plink the enemies to death.

#18 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -

pro tip: don't bother getting inside the covenant AA guns to destroy them in the second-to-last level, just stay behind the ridge and blast the cannon 10 times with the tank.

#19 Edited by Odinez (82 posts) -

I had hella problems with Long Night of Solace. Once you are on the corvette you face off against room after room of elite heroes. Plasma Launcers, concussion rifles (the bane of my existence!), focus rifles, I took a while to get through that. 
That last bit was pretty tough as well. Now I'm just waiting for Giantbomb to update my achievements. 
Here's a tip that I discovered after completing the game. If you shoot a hunter's weapon as he is charging it up it will backfire and do damage. This would have made my life so much easier! 
A typical encounter with an elite on legendary. 

#20 Posted by BirdkeeperDan (411 posts) -

I got the achievement the day after launch. I didn't like it as much as Halo 3; especially the end I really can't believe how lame it was compared to he driving bit in Halo 3. I didn't have much trouble probably comparable to most peoples experience on Herioc.  
The last level was by far the hardest.  I found the battle 4 white elites (glowing red?) preceding the 2 hunters at the end the most difficult due to the weapons I had.  
The most irritating enemies for me were the white elites I pretty much relied on assassination to kill them.
Oh and I guess my favourite gun the alien sniper hadn't come to be by the time of Reach's fall.
#21 Posted by Terjay (855 posts) -
@BirdkeeperDan said:
" The last level was by far the hardest.  I found the battle 4 white elites (glowing red?) preceding the 2 hunters at the end the most difficult due to the weapons I had.  "
THIS GODDAMN PART! GRAAAH! Otherwise it went pretty well. The last level took me 2,5 hours :D
#22 Posted by Nexas (644 posts) -

The last part was a bitch. Luckily I found a sniper rifle up top and took out the last wave of Brutes from a distance.

#23 Posted by Robiin (300 posts) -

I am working on this right now, as my first Reach playthrough. Just completed Exodus. The last part of that mission was incredibly hard. Also, Long Night of Solace. It wasn't as hard, but it seemed as though the enemies just kept coming, like they would never end. Clear a room of 20 enemies, clear next room of 30, clear next room etc...
So satisfying to complete missions alone on Legendary though.
I managed to somehow screw up though, played through Nightfall, only to realize afterwards that I had played on Heroic. I'll have to redo that one I guess.

#24 Posted by CitizenKane (10791 posts) -

I did it with 3 friends, but I haven't tried it alone.  Hell, I haven't tried the campaign alone yet.

#25 Posted by canucks23 (1080 posts) -

I did this last week, and i'd have to agree with your hardest part. That was really the only part i had any trouble on really, until i found that shotgun room. I think i must've gotten really lucky/good checkpoints though because i'm always seeing complaints about the checkpoints in this game but i was getting one like every 5 minutes.

#26 Posted by Atary77 (578 posts) -

I recently got this achievement after a lot of hard work and determination. Basically I thought the whole Night Fall mission was incredibly difficult. Jun dosen't help you what so ever and there's so much bull shit and not many good weapons.

#27 Posted by CrazedMaverick (221 posts) -

I did this the first night it was out. Fucking clusterfuck. Dying left and right. But getting it was awesome. I used the AI to distract the enemies a lot.

#28 Posted by thejamster (270 posts) -

got it after many deaths, hardest part was probably when i got stuck against the zealot elites in the end forever then finally did a perfect run and got it, but then spent forever on the mac gun

#29 Posted by LowDef (5 posts) -

I have this achievement as well, got it a few days ago. 
As other people have said, Legendary isn't too hard, you just have to be patient.  I didn't have problems with any specific portion of the campaign, but occasionally picking the wrong set of weapons was what killed me most.  The battle with the elites followed by the hunters and skirmishers towards the end was probably the toughest.  But overall it was a lot of fun.

#30 Posted by fillmoejoe (1550 posts) -

I just got this yesterday, the Covenant ship was definitely a pain.

#31 Posted by ShaneDev (1702 posts) -

I did it, hardest part would probably be the end of Exodus with poor check pointing and the friendly AI broke.

#32 Posted by cap123 (2467 posts) -

I got this last night! It was generally quite easy for the halo series... but I still struggled in parts. The end of The Long Night of Solace, or whatever it's called, where you have to defend the Jorge, was perhaps the only part where i was getting to the point where I just didn't want to play.
It actually stayed fun throughout, which is more than i can say for other games hardest difficulties!

#33 Posted by Teran (876 posts) -
My hardest was "Tip of the Spear" I think... took me 4 hours and 55 deaths to beat that one.  Second hardest was the covenant ship in "The Long Night of Solace".   So many elites and concussion rifles on that level made it painful.
I beat the game on normal before going to legendary... tried heroic first, but decided it wasn't difficult enough so I restarted and bumped to legendary.  Knowing the pace of the fights helped a lot especially in the last level.  I expected the elites and brutes so I scrounged every weapon I could and kept my DMR as full as possible for the end which helped a lot against the final elites.
Over all it was a lot of fun.  It felt inconsistently difficult at times but over all I think it was more difficult than Halo 3's legendary.
 @canucks23 said:

" I did this last week, and i'd have to agree with your hardest part. That was really the only part i had any trouble on really, until i found that shotgun room. I think i must've gotten really lucky/good checkpoints though because i'm always seeing complaints about the checkpoints in this game but i was getting one like every 5 minutes. "

  I don't know why people say this, I actually think the game's checkpoint system is excellent because it frequently updates mid fight allowing you to make progress in more difficult battles and not having to restart from the beginning.  I think a lot of people just like to complain because in their mind a checkpoint should only be given when you are in complete safety... I actually liked having to react quickly after a checkpoint knowing I was dead if I didn't get moving... I am more than happy to do without the obligatory 30 second run to the next fight that most checkpoint based games seem to have... Halo Reach gets you back into the action and I was never screwed into restarting the level... though I was tempted once when the game checkpointed me under a dropship about to drop brutes during the final level on legendary... took me a few tries to survive but that was a hell of a lot better than restarting the fight.
#34 Edited by jkz (4092 posts) -

Uh, sure. I thought that it was pretty easy once I got past the 3rd mission (Nightfall) up until the final mission. The waves of enemies that came at you when you were given awful weapons, and having to deal with some elites repeatedly because of bad check-pointing was a pain in the ass.

#35 Posted by Nedemis (59 posts) -
Although this game had it's "hair pulling out" hard parts,  I found it slightly harder then 3 and less difficult then 1 and 2 on Legendary.  That being said,  there were several levels that got to me so much that I just had to take a break from playing it.
#36 Posted by Mystyr_E (1361 posts) -

good tip for Pillar last level: right in the beginning in a shack by the mongoose is a rocket launcher, carry that thing through the ENTIRE level with the occasional swapping for PP or whatever but always bring it with you. Either use it on the 2 hunters or trade it for nearby shotgun, use Hologram and shoot its back and use grenades. Last part, give AI member rocket launcher then get it back once he's dead, use pistol ammo to headshot the brutes or the shotgun, later waves, use the sniper and rocket launcher and poof. 
Only issue I had was I was literally running out of ammo with a complete lack of guns against 5 brutes and 3 grunts, went into shotgun room and Keyes showed up and I'm like "oh...nvm then"

#37 Posted by ESREVER (2837 posts) -

Just got it tonight. It wasn't really hard at all if you had a plasma pistol handy. I actually died the least amount of times on the last mission. By then I had figured out how to go about things successfully. 
Always had a plasma pistol/DMR/magnum combination on me at all times. Gotta say, the most irritating enemies were the Jackals with the shields for me.
Might as well rename Legendary to: Don't plan on progressing unless you have a plasma pistol. 
Also, I managed to snag me a Banshee on the defend Halsey's lab. That was a terrible idea because the Banshee controls like shit!

#38 Posted by big_jon (6197 posts) -

This  really was not that hard.

#39 Posted by Milkman (18094 posts) -

You're all insane. All of you.

#40 Posted by R3Qui4M (492 posts) -

ye i'm on my 4th mission, walkthroughs dont help much as the AI is too cunning, just general strategies.

#41 Posted by REDRUN (1475 posts) -

I got the achievement on my second play-through after I did it on Heroic. I can't recall which level I had a hard time with but what mattered most was to make it to the next checkpoint. Best advice for those still trying to get it done, don't be greedy with your ammo.

#42 Posted by Lukeweizer (3134 posts) -

Awesomeness confirmed.
The hardest part for me was the last part of Exodus. Shitty AI kept stealing my warthog and getting me kill, and the wraiths that seemed to have lock-on. Pretty frustrating. 
The last stand was pretty easy. I managed to grab a Needler Rifle, so that made the brutes pretty easy.

#43 Posted by DoctorWelch (2817 posts) -

I am like 2 missions away, but the hardest for me so far was the flying mission, but not for the parts where you are flying. When I got on the shit I just kept getting raped buy every single wave of enemies in every single room. I think it might have been because I was playing at like 12 at night so I was tired and wasnt taking my time.

#44 Posted by krystians (429 posts) -

Proud owner of this achievement!

#45 Posted by CraigAA1028 (651 posts) -

Did this in one 11 hour sitting, with break in between every level or two. 
I wouldn't say there was any "hardest" part in the whole game. Every level had some point where I had to bash my head against it. Id get through a good amount doing well, then hit a snag, then overcome, repeat, repeat, repeat.

#46 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5336 posts) -

This game whooped my ass harder than I'd like to admit. 
But Goddamn me if I wasn't proud as hell to hear that "plink" sound after it was over.

#47 Posted by Immuniity (264 posts) -

Just got this achievement not 10 minute ago. It was actually EASIER then when i played on heroic. I was alot smarter, adapted quicker and in general tried not to brute force my way through (which is why i died so often in heroic).
Hardest bit was the end of exodus. I managed to get a terrible checkpoint with all my marines dead or not moving except for the one gunner in the back of the warthog...WHO COULDNT AIM AT ALL. I ended up getting so frustrated i used the jetpack to jump, bypassing all the enemies and triggering the cutscene...which worked on my first go. Talk about a stroke of luck.
It was such a great experience to play it on legendary. Extremely rewarding and made me use guns i normally wouldnt have to (pistol, plasma pistol, brute shot at times). 
I cant say how long it took me, but each mission took me atleast an hour. I was going at a total snails pace because i was so afraid to die, but none the less, it worked nearly all the time. Slow and steady win the achievement, right?

#48 Posted by TXPhisher (5 posts) -
#49 Posted by Kutkh (22 posts) -

Just joined the club. It's a good feeling: I like it when achievements feel deserved. Next up: getting the Firefight achievements legitimately. 
Hardest part? Not sure. The siege at the end took a while, as did the bit immediately afterwards with the four Zealots, but nothing took too long. Proudest moment was doing the entire glacier defence sequence on the first try without dying.

#50 Posted by Depressing_Wizard (190 posts) -

I just got the achievement today. The hardest mission for me was the mission that takes place at night, and has all of those fucking shade turrets. At that point in the game I hadn't gotten a hang of playing it alone on Legendary, so I kept trying to run past everything. If I were to redo it, it'll probably be much easier now that I got some strategies.

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