A playlist where parties aren't allowed?

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I'm all for playing with friends but if no one is on and I want to have a go by myself, going up against parties of 4 which seem to have the precision and speed of a swat team whilst I'm stuck with a bunch of random people without mics just isn't fun. It just ends up with all of us being absolutely dominated and it just shows that the trueskill system just flat out doesn't work. So I was thinking, why haven't Bungie made a playlist where you can't enter with a party and the entire game is filled with random people? This obviously wouldn't be hard to do so I'm not sure why it wasn't done in the first place, not everyone has a crazy skilled 4 man squad to play Halo with and Bungie doesn't seem to recognise that.  
Oh and what the heck is up with getting teamed up with guys who have guests all the time? I think almost every single time the guy with the guest always quits leaving me with one other person on my team, who shortly after always ends up leaving because 2 can't beat 4 unless you have the power weapons. Shit sucks. 

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@Schizoid:  Ignore that hatter above me. I play with friends alot and  I know what you mean. It would be fun if there was a team slayer where everyone's team was random everytime. It's IMPOSSIBLE to beat a decent team with good communication, even if you have great players on your team. I always play with a mic, but it still sucks.

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