A proposal to fight against jerks on XBL

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As you all know, Halo caters to a huge audience, and with that audience comes a lot of immature people who ruin the experience for everyone. I've noticed while playing MLG customs, that I hadn't come across any of these immature people, even though one might think that MLG customs would be overrun by these people. I think it is because of the threat of being booted. There is no MLG playlist, so your only option is to find these customs. People are on good accord, as if you get booted you can't just matchmake. My proposal is that make it so that if you get  a certain amount of "avoiding player", you'll be banned for like 15 mins. Just to instil fear of being banned for bad manners.  
I think it is a good way to combat the seemingly infinite jerks on XBL

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I hardly encounter any jerks in Halo.  Possibly because I mute just about everyone who has a microphone.

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@threeve said:
" I hardly encounter any jerks in Halo.  Possibly because I mute just about mute everyone who has a microphone. "
I don't waste my time "combating" jerks. I focus on filling their bodies with holes.
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i am set up for muting everyone.  if i need to, i can selectively unmute for team matches.

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Use the damn mute button. 

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@Axxol: how do you fill something with holes?
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@blacklabeldomm said:
" @Axxol: how do you fill something with holes? "
if getting banned from a game depends on other players, then people will take advantage of that. i would be banned long ago (88% people avoided me).   but i have done nothing ban-worthy.   just some things that other players got annoyed with
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@blacklabeldomm said:

" @Axxol: how do you fill something with holes? "

Bullets then fill those holes with your nutsack.
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I like to teabag. So I'm sure people who suck avoid me. Bungie could easily take out teabaging, just have it focus on another team mate or just a map view after you die.

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Mute them or listen to music while playing and avoid conversation altogether. If they're doing something else to piss you off, get them in the game to make yourself feel better.

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