Add your gamertag.

#101 Posted by Wes (270 posts) -

My tag is Vegasaur. Any level headed duders feel free to add me. I've been playing firefight and multi a lot, and today I remembered how much I hate the typical halo fan.

#102 Posted by ShaneDev (1702 posts) -

My GT is Tartarus 14 add me if you want.

#103 Posted by Shard (128 posts) -

Im in for some Halo carnage Gammer tag --Shard in my EyE.  Mention Giant Bomb so I know whats up! 
#104 Posted by Manchild1318 (63 posts) -

Manchild1318 add me - I am a noob so just out for fun game play

#105 Posted by drgrumbles (228 posts) -

Doctor Grumbles.
I play late at night.

#106 Posted by Potter9156 (953 posts) -

GT: Potter9156. 
I'm up for anything not involving champaign co-op(for now).

#107 Posted by DeShawn2ks (1091 posts) -
@krystians:  Won't be getting the game till friday but you can add me. My xbox live gamertag is Shawnee B Goode
#108 Posted by Capum15 (5146 posts) -

GT: Capum15Returns
Up for Campaign, Firefight or screwing around in Forge.

#109 Posted by edge426 (157 posts) -

edge426 just say your from giantbomb.

#110 Posted by xXwindoverXx (298 posts) -

GT: xXwindoverXx 
Add Me O_o

#111 Edited by Hooded (492 posts) -

All welcome to add me, Gamertag "Hooded 21". I'm from UK. Add this link and it should add me to your friends list.

#112 Posted by Lawson (19 posts) -


#113 Posted by bcjohnnie (456 posts) -

Totally up for playing with GB folks, I'd love to avoid the wilderness of XBL as much as possible
GT is bcjohnnie

#114 Posted by iKANNIBAL (602 posts) -

If you want to help with Co-op campaign feel free to add.

#115 Edited by Foxtrot0245 (323 posts) -

Foxtrot0245. Saturday is my birthday and all I want this year is to play Reach all day. Send me a FR or just an invite and I'll be there.
#116 Posted by J2D3 (14 posts) -


#117 Posted by brownsfantb (426 posts) -

Gamertag: spike58. 
I'm on at random times, pretty much whenever I can find time.

#118 Posted by MethodMan008 (938 posts) -

I am not good at the game, but it would be fun to play with some giantbomb duders. 
XBL: MethodMan008

#119 Posted by EightBitShik (1449 posts) -

Looking for Firefights and some legendary  co op action: Eight Bit Shik

#120 Posted by CrazyBagMan (887 posts) -

my gamertag is CxBxM.  
I'd like to have a group of friends to play custom gametypes with. If that's you, add me!

#121 Posted by 10MP (314 posts) -

gt: MikeB74
for firefight and customs

#122 Posted by EightBitShik (1449 posts) -
@krystians: You should check out the Gamer Tag list on the super street fighter forums and copy the format so people can actually locate these names. Sounds like a lot of work but you wanted a sticky... you should do it.
#123 Posted by Ecto311 (11 posts) -

Ecto311   Mountain time and I mostly play team slayer or firefight

#124 Posted by Never_Not_Gaming (22 posts) -

My Gamertag is Utah895. I'm not on all the time, but I'd love to have fun playing Halo:Reach with some GiantBombers

#125 Posted by Sixtey7 (30 posts) -

Same as my username, Sixtey7 

#126 Posted by Sn1PeR (153 posts) -

ego sn1per

#127 Posted by mammo (21 posts) -

CapnBedwetter.  I know... I have no shame.

#128 Posted by Vrock (84 posts) -

duckburger007 - Halo Reach

#129 Posted by IIChristian89II (265 posts) -

GT - IIChristian89II   

#130 Posted by Benny (2008 posts) -

GT = II Benny II            (that's I as in the letter 'i' capitalised) :)  
Add me for custom games, matchmaking (team objective please !)  whatever :)

#131 Posted by AestheticSynthesis (429 posts) -

I only play Invasion and Firefight and I prefer playing as the Elites. Add me if you're looking for some team players.

#132 Posted by pygmy (18 posts) -

Hi.. I just picked up the game this evening, if anyone would like to add me: 
gamertag: Pygmy Tarsier

#133 Posted by dubs (50 posts) -

Feel free to add me, especially for campaign and Fire fight! 
GT: duberto

#134 Edited by sbowers88 (9 posts) -
I kombat king I     Yes, those are i's around it.  Could use some people to play custom games and firefight with!
#135 Posted by PrivateIronTFU (3858 posts) -

Gamertag: PrivateIronTFU. It's a lot different from my GB username, I know.

#136 Posted by Caligan (17 posts) -

GT:  StaticNeurosis 
I've yet to do any firefight which I'm wanting to with some cool peeps

#137 Posted by Pumer (42 posts) -

GT: Darth Puma 
I play a lot of team objective. 
#138 Posted by guerrajr (62 posts) -


#139 Posted by bretthancock (798 posts) -

Gamertag:  MrBrett
I'll be playing Reach for 90% of my freetime, when I'm not doing school.  Bleh.

#140 Posted by OverLord00 (173 posts) -

I love swat. God I love swat.

#141 Posted by punkxblaze (3013 posts) -

GT: Emopottamus
I'm not on every day, but when I am, I'm pretty much down for any game type. Yes, even Swat.

#142 Posted by Kutkh (22 posts) -

GT: Kutkh 
I like Firefight, Team Slayer, and long walks on the Forge World.

#143 Edited by LordCmdrStryker (356 posts) -

GT:  LordCmdrStryker (shocking, I know) 
I usually play Invasion or Big Team Battle, but I'll play anything if I don't have to deal with 2 of my 6-person team leaving or idling the whole game.  *facepalm*  Make sure to mention Giant Bomb if you want to add me.

#144 Edited by MrPiZzA (101 posts) -

1.  MrPiZzA
2. (2) Intermediate
3.  mutntgenius
4.  East Coast, USA

#145 Posted by TheBeast (1920 posts) -
@krystians: Do you want to manage a table of Halo player gamertags in the original post? 
If not, does anyone want to take up the task?
#146 Posted by roars5000 (68 posts) -

please add me: roars5000 

#147 Posted by AzureSkeith (42 posts) -

LordCrazyMoose is my gamertag if im online feel free to invite me

#148 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Hit me up!

#149 Posted by Freek (106 posts) -

Feel free to add me!

#150 Posted by wolf_blitzer85 (5290 posts) -

Wolf Blitzer85
Add me. Ill play whatever.

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