Add your gamertag.

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Would love to play with giantbombers. I'm up for a legendary run if anybody's interested.  Add me.
GT: ExtraVanDammage

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Hit up Kleptobot on XBL if anyone wants a team player. Been awhile since I've played any Halo, still trying to get in the groove.
Current Location: Maryland.

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Playing with chatty people  that aren't to serious is a hobby of mine So feel free to add me Grum12

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Sure tell me what you want me to do, and I will get to work after work.
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  1. Manchild1318
  2. 1
  3. Manchild1318
  4. Canada
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3 - Advanced 
New York
(That's a zero in 0n.)
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 1.  MrPiZzA
2. (2) Intermediate
3.  mutntgenius
4.  East Coast, USA


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my gamertag is JCrichton77 not the best but love playing

#159 Posted by Vinny_Says (5714 posts) -

Western Canada

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@krystians: Start a new thread, something along the lines of "Halo: Reach Gamertags" and create a table of all the tags in this post (like this thread). Once that's done, let me know and I'll lock this post and anchor yours. You'll need to maintain the table whenever a new person adds their tag.
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giantbomb: wealllikepie
xbox tag: deathmetalzebra

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Location: California

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Gamertag: Durakh 
Giantbomb: Durakh 
Location: Germany 
I speak english as well as german (who would have guessed ;-)). So if anybody wants to hear good ol' german accent while playing, add me :-)

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Giantbomb: Callumrides
Gametag: oSmF Callum
Location: UK
long time halo player an a big halo fan looking for like minded people who want to have fun and not get stressed.

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GIantbomb: Artemesia
Gamertag: Mr PIHB
Location: West Coast of the United States, California specifically.
I'm looking to play... just about anything. Matchmaking, campaign, forge, custom games,  whatever.

I try to log in a few hours during the day, but sometimes I don't play at all due to our Xbox being in the living room and living with a family who is addicted to prime time cable. I don't have any people I currently play with(isn't it sad ;_;) so I suppose I'm looking for some dudes to roll with and just have a decent time playing some gosh darned video games with. I don't take the game too seriously, and as a self judge I don't think I'm all too great but I at least tend to break even, so that's a start. I have a weird, abstract sense of humor that ranges from pop culture references to downright what the fuck, and an equally skewed view of the world. I swear like a sailor on leave with a hooker and get easily frustrated, but rarely, RARELY ever angry. Make sure you sign the waiver before inviting/adding me. I also won't take the initiative and invite you to my parties and whatnot, so you'll be holding the reins in this relationship.

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Giantbomb name: Immuniity
Gamertag: sniperkitty89
location: Australia (Sydney)
Problem with being so far away is its only worth adding and playing with other Australians. I'd be keen to find some other Australians to play with.

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GB: Ghostface318
Gamertag: Chainsaw318
Level of play: low-intermediate
location: East Coast USA

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GB: SpikeSpiegel  
Gamertag: The Pohlice 
Location: Texas 
I'm up for playing multiplayer games with people as long as you are civil/nice/cool. :P No, but seriously, send me an invite and we can play sometime. I'm currently got almost all the achievements in game (just need to beat a couple Legendary missions) so I am only playing multiplayer.

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@krystians: GB name: PrivateIronTFU 
Gamertag: PrivateIronTFU  
Location: Anacortes, Washington State
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GT: The Arachnotron 
Go ahead and add me, and as previously posted lemme know you're from GB. 
Geo location: Toronto, Canada

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GT: Taklulas. Miami,FL

#172 Posted by sate2801 (345 posts) -

my GT is SAteMaaya
looking forward to the campaign matchmaking

#173 Posted by DonPixel (2585 posts) -
Gamer Tag:  Mighty Omar 
Location: SoCal 
What up ppl, Im looking for  partners to do the campaign in legendary
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Solid Biospank

#175 Posted by Jost1 (2077 posts) -


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mine is: goodisnipe 
and i'm in california
look forward to playing with you all :)

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Gamertag is UberExplodey 
let's kill stuff

#178 Posted by SkullcrusherMountain (957 posts) -

Mine is Mt Skullcrusher.  Hope to hear from you!

#179 Posted by sixdemonbag (77 posts) -

Sixdemonbag / Nerdy Jeph / North Carolina
#180 Posted by Luck3ySe7en (240 posts) -

Luck3ySe7en / Luck3ySe7en / New Mexikers

#181 Posted by Ghost249 (250 posts) -

GB name: Ghost249
XBL: Ghost249
Location: US
Side note: So glad to pick this game up along with a new xbox :D

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#183 Posted by krystians (404 posts) -

I have been very busy guys, but I will add more names tonite, and tomorrow night. Wish I could do it all today, but I just don't have the time, for those of you who have PM'ed me do not worry, I will add you. Thank you for making my time easier. 

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Gamertag: vellum101
Im in Texas :)
Dont use a mike right now but I'm a team player
Anyone feel free to add me if ya want

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tag is IIChristian89II 
 team player looking for some fun games with the GB community! :)

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My gamertag is Bibamatt, as is my GB name.  I'm in the UK and usually play late at night.  I haven't played any custom/Forge games yet as not many of my friends are playing Reach.  I'm an avid Halo player though, so want to get involved!  Will try and add some of you lot tonight.

#187 Posted by JeanM (61 posts) -

I'm looking for some folks to play Reach!! Giantbomb community GO!! =D I like to play casual games and just have a good time.
 My gamertag is JeanM. If you add me, please write GB so I know you guys are from the community.

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GT is c0l0nelp0pc0rn1

#189 Posted by krystians (404 posts) -

I am on a Mac right now, and when I try to add names to the table it's all gets messed up. I will do some tomorrow. Don't worry it's happening. 

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#191 Posted by mozzle (160 posts) -
Chedbot3000     I usually play late at night. I'm down for anything. Would love to beat the campaign on legendary co-op if others are interested.  If not, well then just some good old matchmaking. 
#192 Posted by simian (865 posts) -

XBL: blamesimian 
Local: Vancouver, BC

#193 Posted by HiroSeven (215 posts) -

Nice to see someone else from Vancouver around here!  
My gamertag is the same as my username; I don't play as often as I'd like to, but you can add me if you'd like.  
I'm not too great of a player, but not too bad at the same time. Reach is kind of my first serious attempt at halo multiplayer so I hope to do a bit better.
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Gamertag and Giantbomb name: Ecto311 
Im in colorado usa

#195 Posted by Teaspoon83 (624 posts) -

Gamertag and GB Name: Teaspoon83 
Play mostly on the weekends, but willing to join.

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Need people to go through the campaign with, because I'm finding it incredibly dull on my own.

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@krystians: It would be nice to include what people are looking for as well. I am personally am looking for a 2v2 partner. 
Eight Bit Shik 
Austin Texas baby!
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ObliteratedTaco on the House!

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Rodent Assassin

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