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#201 Posted by lolmont (20 posts) -

lolmont same as my Giantbomb name.

#202 Posted by DugHerb (31 posts) -

GiantBomb: DugHerb 
XBL: Dug Herb 
I have a bad K/D ratio, but I really enjoy playing the game and tend to somehow end up on the winning team :)

#203 Posted by Ekkers (62 posts) -

Ekkers like my GB name

#204 Posted by audiosnag (1604 posts) -

GBM: audiosnag
GMT: audiosnag
toronto canada

#205 Posted by Maclintok (191 posts) -

GB name:  Maclintok 
Gamertag:  Maclintok 
Location:  Vancouver, Canada 
I would call myself someone who wants to be an avid Halo player.  Not terribly good but you can always count on me to not camp and just jump into the fray guns a'blazin'.

#206 Posted by ComradeCrash (583 posts) -

Comrade Crash (Note:SPACE) lol
Utah, USA
Just say you're from GB and we can be friends! :D

#207 Posted by Cloudenvy (5874 posts) -

My Gamertag is: NTACloudenvy 
Playing with other Giantbombers sounds like fun.

#208 Posted by evanbrau (1178 posts) -

Tired of playing swat and snipers with the randoms so hit up Evanbrau Irl if you are down for some fun and laid back Halo stuff. Would really like to get into doing crazy shit in Forgeworld with people since it's pretty tame on its own.
Evanbrau Irl if you missed it in the body of my message.

#209 Edited by GTFan712 (164 posts) -

GiantBomb: GTFan712 
Gamertag: GTFan712 
Location: Alabama  

I dig Slayer Pro; not a big fan of Classic Slayer or Slayer DMRs. Also looking for some people to run MLG customs, if you're into that. I'm on pretty much every day. I play this game too much.

#210 Edited by WilliamRLBaker (4941 posts) -

now that my account has been fixed.
@topic creator I am so please update accordingly.
any one up for some legendary coop 4 player? I'm looking for people to go from begining to end on legendary coop.

#211 Posted by true3man (79 posts) -

#212 Posted by vegoku (107 posts) -

GT: CGE Vegoku
GB: Vegoku
Location: Raleigh, NC

#213 Posted by tskunk (158 posts) -

Gamer Tag: tskunk
GB Tag: tskunk
Location: San Francisco, CA

#214 Posted by EpicBenjamin (670 posts) -

GT: Epic Benjamin

#215 Posted by dubs (50 posts) -

GB name: dubs 
GT: duberto  

Location: MN 
Looking for people for MP and campaign co-op. 

#216 Posted by rikkytje (6 posts) -

Gamertag: ChameleonBA

#217 Posted by Frost_Forged (7 posts) -


  1. WarthogWheelman
  2. WarthogWheelman
  3. West Michigan, USA
#218 Posted by crapneck (164 posts) -

crapneck/crapneck/south carolina

#219 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (1117 posts) -

  •  Durandir
  • Jaqen Hghar
  • Norway

    I am not that competitive, usually just play for fun. I also like it more with more people. I die less then, since there are more people running around being shot at :P But I still play everything from Firefight to Arena. 
  • #220 Posted by GunslingerPanda (5030 posts) -

    1. GunslingerPanda
    2. GunslingerPanda
    3. UK

    #221 Posted by Blom89 (8 posts) -

    1. Blom89
    2. Blom89
    3. United States

    #222 Posted by Jondan (98 posts) -

    GiantBomb: Jondan 
    Gamertag: JondanDex 
    Location: Melbourne, Australia

    #223 Posted by DillonWerner (1603 posts) -

    GT: Brent and Matt

    #224 Posted by mastrbiggy (233 posts) -

    GT: mastrbiggy
    Location: CA

    #225 Posted by RagingWolf (21 posts) -

    GT: Colonel Amazing
    Location: OK
    I'm down for anything in the Rumble Pit playlist or Firefight.

    #226 Posted by brianbeatdown (42 posts) -

    GT: Brianbeatdown
    Location: Portland, OR

    #227 Posted by leadthallium (60 posts) -

    Giantbomb: leadthallium
    XBL: leadthallium
    Location: U.S. Eastern time
    I actually just  bought a new xbox/Reach and decided to start over on this account,so im open to friend requests,as for Reach im down for legendary or lower co-op anytime haven't had a chance to get into the regular matchmaking yet.  

    #228 Posted by LongMasterWolf (234 posts) -

    1. LongMasterWolf 
    2. LongMasterWolf 
    3.  Greeley, CO 
    Been playing since Halo: CE. Avid Bungie member as well

    #229 Posted by RaoulDo0k (93 posts) -

    1. RaoulDo0k 
    2. RaoulDo0k 
    3. Rochester, NY 
    Just got this game for Christmas. I need someone to play with!

    #230 Posted by Shadow (5110 posts) -

    I probably already responded to this, but here it goes again.
    My gamertag is your fat uncle, I'm a Brig grade 3 and very close to general.  I don't care about winning so much as playing with friendly people WITH mics.  I enjoy long walks on the beach and sunse...wait, wrong thing.  If you're getting a Halo group together, feel free to invite me, but make sure to include some sort of message telling me you're from GB and not just some random guy with me on their recent players list..

    #231 Posted by MightyJ77 (41 posts) -

    1.  MightyJ
    2.  MightyJ77
    3.  Edmonton, Canada
    Please indicate you're from GB in any friend requests / game invites

    #232 Posted by HairyMike87 (1201 posts) -
    @krystians: 1. HairyMike87 2. hairybeast87 3. Central Jersey USA
    #233 Edited by MetalMoog (969 posts) -

    Giant Bombers still playing Reach Multiplayer? I just got back into it and haven't played much of any Halo at all really. I'm all about having fun times, even though I suck at Halo. Down for playing Campaign, Competitive or Cooperative modes. Anything really. Usually play in the late evenings. 
    Gamertag is Metal Moog and I'm in Edmonton, Canada. 
     Please indicate you're from GB
    Thanks guys!

    #234 Posted by toothd0c (5 posts) -

    1. toothd0c 
    2. toothd0c 
    3. Louisiana 

    #235 Posted by Bryce3333 (32 posts) -

    Bryce3333, Bryce3333 Missouri

    #236 Posted by DarthimusPrime (47 posts) -

    Darthimus Prime

    #237 Posted by TheDofey (2 posts) -


    #238 Posted by awe_stuck (820 posts) -

    awe stuck - iron finn

    #239 Posted by JillSammich (106 posts) -

    - JillSammich (Giant Bomb)
    - JillSammich82 (360)
    - Florida

    #240 Posted by Starfishhunter9 (385 posts) -

    Gamertag: starfishhunter9

    #241 Posted by Gumby (236 posts) -

    - Gumby
     - Mrcatpie
     - Sweden!

    #242 Posted by StefanTheMongol (51 posts) -

    GB: StefanTheMongol

    GT: StefanTheMongol
    LOC: St. Paul, MN
    #243 Posted by Callumrides (381 posts) -

    GB: Callumrides  
    GT: oSmF Callum 
    Kent, England

    #244 Posted by UberExplodey (979 posts) -

    GB: UberExplodey

    GT: UberExplodey

    Philadelphia, PA

    #245 Posted by HairyMike87 (1201 posts) -

    GB: HairyMike87 
    GT: hairybeast87 
    Central Jersey 
    I'll mostly be on at night, but sometimes during the day.

    #246 Posted by EpicBenjamin (670 posts) -

    Gamertag: Noble Rookie.

    #247 Posted by Shoeblazer (34 posts) -

    My Giant Bomb username is TKFT44

    My Xbox Live gamertag is Shoeblazer

    I live in Wisconsin.

    #248 Posted by Irvandus (3078 posts) -

    tbone110, I forge a ton of maps.

    #249 Posted by vCOOKIE_MONSTAv (60 posts) -

    My Giant Bomb username is vCOOKIE MONSTAv

    My Xbox Live gamertag is vCOOKIE MONSTAv

    I live in Florida

    #250 Posted by CVslyy (23 posts) -

    CVslyyyyyy. Anyone can feel free to add me

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