Bungie releases Chess gametype for Reach

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So earlier today Bungie, with the aid of Rooster Teeth, released a Chess gametype for Reach.  You guys might remember the gametype from their April Fools Day prank from 2 years ago.  Anyway I think this is a pretty sweet addition to Reach and it is really neat that their engine could play this.  Along with their new playlists like Action Sack, which is made up of some crazy gametypes, and Team Classic, which brought some very well made old Halo maps built in Forge, I think Reach has really been given some new legs as of late.   
The directions on how to get the gametype are in this Achievement Hunter video:

  But heres the basics: 
1.  Download the gametype from Achivement Hunter's file share on Bungie.net here
2.  Go into a Forge game on Forge World with the Chess gametype on. 
3.  Place down a hill marker anywhere you want, go into advance options and change the Game Type Label to board center. 
4.  Save it and go nuts in a custom game (No bots you need to play your friend)
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If I wanted to play crappy virtual chess I would go on Playstation Home.

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@Gizmo said:

" If I wanted to play crappy virtual chess I would go on Playstation Home. "

Wow fanboy troll posters are rampant tonight eh?
If you don't like it than don't visit the thread. Sound good? Okay.
Looks really cool, maybe I'll learn chess now.
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I gotta say that is sick, an Xbox is getting more and more attractive.

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It's nice that someone made this as an April Fool's joke, but c'mon, you can't even do checkmate?

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Fuck yea! I've been waiting for this ever since last year's April Fools video!

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The stuff that Forge world can do continues to amaze me. Good stuff....good stuff keep it up community dudes!

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Just played it with a friend. Pretty darn fun. Also pretty awesome of Bungie to give this to us.  They do have Checks, not sure about Checkmates (I know they said that in the video, but still).

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This looks really cool. I think I'm going to get my Xbox Live working again for this.

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Find it funny that people came in and made fun of one mode, albeit a pretty throwaway one, out of a thousand possible modes in a game.

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