Defiant Map Pack Feedback

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#1 Posted by Helushune (214 posts) -

Post any feedback you have on the defiant map pack here.  Mostly to humor me or is it for something on a much bigger scale?
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#2 Posted by MightyJ77 (41 posts) -

I downloaded it but haven't had a chance to play the new maps yet.
I guess there are some issues with the number of Marketplace Content items you can have active for Reach at a time:

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#3 Edited by iDarktread (1263 posts) -

No ranked MLG playlist, so no plans to purchase any DLC.

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#4 Posted by Vexed (327 posts) -

The small map looks too similar to a map already in the game, and I don't care about firefight, so one BTB map for 800 points was a pass for me.

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#5 Posted by skinnyman (195 posts) -

Funny, I was kind of excited at first because I like variety in my games. Now that I have been playing the community slayer playlist though, I find myself less excited for a bunch of maps that are similar to what users have made but for $10 more. I wonder if the marketing people thought such a thing was possible :P

Will probably end up purchasing anyway because I spend most of my multiplayer-game time on Halo.

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#6 Posted by mastrbiggy (233 posts) -

It is a much better map pack then Noble.  Highlands is probably the best original BTB map since Halo 2.  Condemed is the best Reach 4v4 map.  Unearthed is my favorite FF map too, but I got the maps for free last week so there isn't really anything for me to complain about even if they were bad.

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#7 Posted by MightyJ77 (41 posts) -

I've only played Highlands and Condemned so far, but I found both to be a lot of fun.  Condemned is perfect for 4v4 - you never end up wandering around looking for people to shoot for  very long.  I think it could be a lot of fun for SWAT.  And Highlands has lots of vehicles and weapons, so that keeps things interesting.
Can't wait to try out Unearthed in Firefight.

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#8 Posted by big_jon (6411 posts) -

I like it.

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