Disc Read Error, anyone?

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Anybody else getting a disk read error while playing Reach? Ever since the matchmaking playlists got updated I've been getting kicked to the dashboard after playing a handful of matches...and I've had Reach installed to my harddrive since day 1.  
Apparently this has been going on since release and I'm just late to this shitty party (as seen at Bungie's message board and some coverage by G4 and Gamespot).  Hope this gets fixed with another update... 
Thoughts? I'm not the only one, right?

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I think folks were saying you need to delete it off your hard drive and reinstall.  What I'd do in your position is delete the installation and try playing the game with just the disc and no installation.  If the problem persists it might be a more serious bug.  If it does not, try reinstalling it back onto your drive, sometimes a corrupt file just needs to be reset.

#3 Posted by ReyGitano (2491 posts) -
@UberExplodey: I had the same problem. From what I've read there's a reason they tell you to call Xbox support. Apparently there's an issue with some older tech that prevents Reach from playing properly. For example, any time I tried to load Boardwalk when it was installed to my Hard Drive, Disc Read Error, and it isn't something they can fix with an update. I had to send in my Xbox for repairs before I realized this... so I'm hoping that when I get it back that problem will be taken care of. If not I have to send it in again in order to fix the issue :(. 
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Hopefully this isn't your problem and you can fix it by uninstalling and reinstalling Reach or something.

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