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Hey, peeps
Like every other game ever made, to me Halo is more fun to play with friends. Even more so when you have friends on your team and on the opposition -- that's why I prefer Custom games in multi-player. I'll still hop on ranked & social plenty of times, but I guess I'm still holding on to the old joys of playing Halo:Combat Evolved on LAN.  
With Forge World in Halo: Reach and the customization option set available, there is so much great potential to recapture some of the old feeling from H:CE (and even H2 to an extent.)  
Unfortunately, I have a feeling that most of my friend list will gravitate towards matchmaking so they can increase their rank and unlock the armor permutations, custom games falling to the wayside.  
Whether there is one already or not, I'd like to start a Giant Bomb Community Group for Reach that wants to play primarily customs. If you are interested, (and plan on playing A LOT) please send an invite to me on XBL. Gamertag: "Jack Colt"    
Ideally we can get enough people together who enjoy playing with one another, cross-pollinate each other's friends lists, and almost always have a stable of people available online for some custom shenanigans. Possibly some tom foolery.   
And on occasions ballyhoo.
Look forward to seeing you out there!    

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Burns09- Looking for firefight parties.

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Not primarily, But I can get into customs games if they are done well,  I love the Forge. 
xAAx Coombs

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I am in. 
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Always looking for a fun posse to play some multiplayer with.

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Added everyone. Still hoping to get more people involved, so post here or msg me on XBL: "Jack Colt" See you all after I finish the campaign (twice (at least))!

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I'm interested in some custom gametypes too - my gamertag is Son of a Beep I'll add some people from this thread by tuesday.

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My GT is Inferno2215, I'm always down for custom games, and I'd rather play with Giant Bomb peeps than Xbox Live assholes.

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Sounds good; I'd definitely prefer to play with GBers so go ahead and add me: ttGB 

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Definitely down for whatever - customs, matchmaking, firefight, etc. - so feel free to add me. My friends are stuck on Call of Duty and Team Fortress, so I'm usually forced to play solo.

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I'll be down for a legendary play through in a week or so after I've played through it myself.

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I'd love to play some custom  
My gamertag is Laserfrog1 by the way

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OK.. pretty decent list going so far!  
Everyone have fun tonight!  
I'll be grabbing names from this thread after launch as well, or you can msg me directly on XBL: "Jack Colt" 

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Count me in PB Beam is my gamertag.

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I too think it's more enjoyable to play with GB people, so I'll add a few people from here.

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CxBxM  I'm down for anything ;)

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@laserfrog said:
" I'd love to play some custom   My gamertag is XvRokyRacoonVx by the way "

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Hey, gang... I see almost everyone has been grinding away at the campaign (myself included), but now that I've finished it a couple times, I'm starting to get amped for multiplayer. I started a new thread looking for Custom game ideas.... I can't wait to see what insanity the community comes up with using the new tools! Post any suggestions there and I'll do my best to gather up the best ones on my File Share so we all have plenty of options when we play. Thanks!

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Hey I'm totally down for some customs.... I'd love to actually experience this side of the game, since I never had a chance to explore Forge and custom games in Halo 3.
My Gamertag is bcjohnnie, I'm in to play in the evenings.

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I'm all about Forge and Custom game types as long as they're creative, balanced, and overall fun. GT same as on GB, Shademonger.
Definitely going to be recreating the Harbor from Shenmue if I can for the sake of making a forklift race gametype. So if that excites you, then...boosh, there's that.

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 I'm in it for customs...missed out on all that fun in Halo 3.

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I'm in. Gamertag is ObituaryPenguin

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