Inception Trailer remade in Halo: Reach (Frame Perfect)

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 For comparison 
 It is so awesome pimp this shit out
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Yeah, it's pretty good. It's not "frame perfect" though, there's a couple where it's not in sync and then a lot of the close ups are just dudes heads in Reach with no movement.
It is good work though, nice editing.

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That was pretty great!

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That was pretty god damn awesome.

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That was brilliant.

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Pretty good. Makes me wonder how they got the building to fold in ForgeWorld lol.

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@Laughlin_12: I know my shit hit the fan when that happened!!
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I saw Halo Waypoint post this last night. It wasn't until I watched the comparison video that I really saw how well-made it was, brilliant stuff.

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Not bad -- the subtle head movements are very good, but the fact that can't ever see faces makes those parts, drag? I don't know... all the big setpeice stuff is excellent.
That said, I still think the best one of these is still:

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That was pretty damn awesome.

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@OldGuy: Inception and Psychonauts, can't do better than that.
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This is tiiiiight. Kinda getting tired of Inception as the go to movie, though, for these types of things.

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both of those were awesome

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