Invasion on Spire

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Yeah, my bad,  I accidentally hit start new topic.

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Sounds delicious, and thread-worthy.

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In the Spire video I saw the dude from Bungie headshotting Giantbombing mid jump! xD

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Slayer on Paradiso:


 Invasion on Spire:
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Gamesradar is terrible when it comes to their video player.  There's no direct link to their nice, big HD vids from their embedded player.  They just copy the link into your clipboard.

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@BrilliantLoser: yeah this video player is pissing me off. I can't even stream to any part of the video.
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Yea it sux is the video lagging for you guys or is that game lagging?

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It's the video player. It's too bad because it's nice footage of both levels with a Bungie guy commenting.  If anyone can put this on youtube, that'll be awesome.

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Plays fine for me. 

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Hope that's the player and not game performance.

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