Let's talk Bloom

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So now that most of you have gotten accustomed to bloom, how do you like the way bloom changes the game? do you like it? would it be better if there was no bloom? Given how accurate and consistent the DMR can be, would you want to see a DMR with no bloom? I personally would love an option in custom games to disable that bloom? if for nothing else just to try it? Because that was the way the BR was originally designed (Halo 2 E3 trailer).

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What the hell do you mean by Bloom?!!?!?

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@Computerplayer1 said:
" What the hell do you mean by Bloom?!!?!? "
Reticule bloom, that thing where the targeting reticule gets bigger as you fire/the longer you fire, making weapons inaccurate during sustained firing.
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@Computerplayer1 said:

" What the hell do you mean by Bloom?!!?!? "

When the aiming reticle expands while firing your weapon.
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My kingdom for the Halo 2 battle rifle. 

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It's a change i don't even think about.

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I dont really mind it. 

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It's okay. It rewards people who take their time with shots, but sometimes the other guy can get lucky by just spamming shots which is why most people complain about it. I think it could use a little tweak but I'm kinda happy with how it is now

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I find in a general medium range (i.e. across the bowl in powerhouse) the beat of "Staying Alive" is a good one to fire to.

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Bloom is alright despite lowering the skill level difference. However for some reason Halo Reach has been a disappointment to me and I have quit playing it. It's just not as compelling as the previous Halos. Also the maps are mehh to say the least and AA's were an unneeded addition.

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@Axxol said:
" @Computerplayer1 said:

" What the hell do you mean by Bloom?!!?!? "

When the aiming reticle expands while firing your weapon. "
Oh shit I thought he meant lighting bloom. 
...I still don't really care.
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Heeee's the one who likes all the pretty sounds and he likes to sing along and he likes to shoot his gun....
oh THAT bloom, nevermind. I think it's stupid and way too random. You can lose to a spammer while you're timing your shots yet you can spam yet die by somebody taking his time

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I hardly pay attention to it.

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I don't really like it, causes problem when you're just trading shots with another player and they're getting lucky and getting the headshots while you're not.

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I think the DMR becomes much more powerful than other weapons if you remove the bloom. I think it's fine as it is.

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I hate it. Normally I'm not opposed to bloom in shooting games, but Bungie really did a poor job of implementing it in Reach. The only purpose it serves is to limit the effectiveness of the utility headshot weapons (Magnum, DMR, Needle Rifle) at long range. In close to mid-range fights, it adds an element of randomness. The game would be much better if they would just cap the max ROF for all weapons and eliminate the bloom altogether.

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Ah, ok well that makes sense in the name of it I suppose haha. 
It's ok but sometimes it screws you out of kills that should definitely have been yours. 
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I remember the crap some people kicked up about it in the beta but I like it, it adds a level of depth to a lot of the weapons that wouldn't otherwise be there, especially with stuff like the Needle Rifle and DMR.

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If the DMR didn't have bloom it would be way too overpowered. I like it how it is.

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What a fortunate timing. I just played a game of SWAT Magnums and bloom really came to its full use. I fired just once or twice while letting the bloom reset while my enemies just mashed their triggers. I completely destroyed them all. Bloom is great.

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