Most satisfying AA use?

#1 Posted by wubb (329 posts) -

In your opinion and/or experience what is the most satisfying use of an AA?  Jetpack ninja, duping an opp with a hologram and landing an assassination, shedding a plasma stick via armor lock... ?
For me:
Hitting an enemy with a grenade stick and then armor locking when they try to give you a death hug.  
I've just recently started using armor lock more and there are lots of little things you can pull with that AA that are fun to do when they work out.   I generally go with either sprint or armor lock, but I'd like to play around with hologram and active camo more.

#2 Posted by Zidane_24 (750 posts) -

Armor Lock has been my go-to in modes these days. I play split-screen more often than not, and a lot of our best team efforts come from me armor locking and distracting while my flatmate flanks 'em.  
Best kill to date is armor locking to blow up a ghost. The ghost was going full speed, and I armor locked right as I was about to get splattered, so it looked like I punched the ghost's hood and it went flying over my head. 

#3 Posted by Sitoxity (559 posts) -

Gotta be armor lock as well for me. Only because in one game of Invasion (or Big Team Battle on Spire) I killed around 5 Ghosts just with Armor Lock. Oh yeah, it was glorious. I wish I didn't keep forgetting to save these films.

#4 Posted by wubb (329 posts) -

I try to wait until the ghost is at ramming speed as most people are smart enough to not attempt to splatter you after you reveal that you have armor lock.  Too bad Warthogs and Revenants just glide over you, often not even flipping.  I've heard Revenants can sometimes smash against an armor locked player, but I've never had it happen.

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I armor lock smashed a Rev. It happened on hemmorage, was so awesome.
It happened just as the match ended so it didn't count unfortunately but it was still awesome.

#6 Posted by Reizarvg (109 posts) -

I'm going with blowing up Ghosts and Revenants with armour lock. So far I've racked up nearly 60 kills with. I think to destroy a Revenant it'll have to be damaged a bit already.

#7 Posted by Kermity (78 posts) -

Also gotta love going into armor lock, then popping out and pummeling the person who thought it would be a good idea to wait right behind you. 

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I was surrounded and I armor locked while one of  my teammates lobbed a plasma grenade in my direction.  That was effective.

#9 Posted by GilbertMordinAndSullivan (451 posts) -

Nothing about Alcoholics Anonymous is satisfying.

#10 Posted by Fosssil (637 posts) -

The correct answer is Evade. All of you who are answering "Armor Lock" are part of the problem.

#11 Posted by ReyGitano (2491 posts) -

Armor Lock has been the most helpful. Blocking grenades, negating damage, blowing up ghosts, locking and then going into a melee... yeah, Armor Lock is the way to go right now, especially when you go up against other people who use armor lock that really should be.

#12 Posted by thejamster (270 posts) -

definitely evade, sticking someone then diving away before the explode into bits feels so badass!  also, getting out of a vehicle and immediately evading to get away from a wraith mortar that's about to hit you is so much fun.  OH and dodging ghosts at the last second frustrates people so much!

#13 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Jetpack is awesome in Firefight.
Can't tell ya how many times I saw Hunter/Sword wielding Elite go batshit and charge me and I could barely jetpack out of the way xD
I also enjoy the use of Sprint to catch up on fleeing opponents, camo to jam the opponents radar ( especially when they're camping in corners with power weapons ), Armor Lock to do many of the already mentioned above things and Evade is just awesome.
Saw a red dot appear on my radar suddenly behind me, I rolled backwards and instantly assassinated my would be assassinater...
Fuck yeah!

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