Noble Map Pack + Firefight?

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For someone not in the know and who strictly stays with the Firefight mode nowadays.  Are these new maps compatible / playable in Firefight or are they multiplayer standard only?
Thanks, bye.

#2 Posted by Gamer_152 (14265 posts) -

No, the new maps are only for standard multiplayer.

#3 Posted by DharmaBum (1049 posts) -

It just so happens Bungie added a Firefight Versus playlist alongside the new map pack - it's worth checking out.

#4 Posted by Rawrz (601 posts) -

Firefight Versus is a lot of fun if you get into a game that is playable. You dont need the new maps for that though. The new maps are great if you play a lot of big team or invasion since Breakpoint is best invasion map reach has had.

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