Noble Map Pack Quick Looks

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I have washed my hands with both of the games now.  Looks alright though.

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Ahhh, the second string are in already.  No surprise there.  Map looks great btw.  And how does Bungie get away with stealing the GB Quicklook word?  lolly
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I love Reach. I like the look of that map, low grav ftw. 
I still wish they'd put in The Pit. I loved The Pit in Halo 3, the forge remake isn't the best (due to a lack of colours). This map will fill that void though.
edit; also even the bungie guys teabag haha

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That map looks really good.
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halo got so boring so fast 
my 360 is already back to collecting dust once again... 
which is bad because it will probably get a red ring

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And here is your Tempest QL:

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  I'm still playing the shit out of Reach.  I honestly think it has the best carrot-on-a-stick system of any multiplayer game out there.  You get EXP for ANYTHING single player or with other people so you're always earning more and more Halo-bucks and moving up in rank.  Since everything you can buy is aesthetic and doesn't effect the gameplay, it really allows people to individualize how they look and it's making me constantly want to get to the next rank to unlock the next batch of stuff to buy.  There's no Call of Duty-esque apathy where I have everything I'd ever use by level 30.  Right now, I'm damn near obsessed with getting 480,000 more credits so that I can reach the Brigadier rank and get that totally badass GUNGNIR helmet.  Also, here's the last map in the DLC:

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I still play alot of Reach.  I find the multi to be much more varied than any other game on the market.  Not only that, but it has wide variety of things to do when multi gets annoying.  I think too many people put Halo down because it's harder to do well in a game than in BO.  In my opinion, MW2 got such a large grasp on the fps audience that the majority of gamers feel more uncomfortable playing anything else.
Maps look awesome btw.  Going to download as soon as possible.

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