prob a dumb question

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is there a seperate playlist for infection that i'm just not finding in menus? or do i need to find people on my playlist that play it?

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I think one is coming eventually. They mentioned it in the BWU last week I think

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 New Playlist: Living Dead 
Found that in the Bungie update for coming tuesday.
But I'm not sure what the details are, it kinda speaks for itself I presume tho...

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OOO a dedicated rocket race playlist? FINALLY!
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A better question would have been: Do you want the moustache on or off?

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Be sure to check the entire update post @, there's lots of good stuff in it, Bungie's being ace!
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yeah it's called rumble pit. OH SNAP!

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As Talicia said the Living Dead playlist is coming as part of the playlist update on Tuesday, you can see all the changes they're making here.

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Infection comes up on Rumble Pit currently, but it could be a bunch of matches in between playing a round.
I'm glad they are breaking out Infection and Race as those two modes are very different from a normal halo match and they just don't fit in a standard hopper IMO.  It's like having swords come up all the time on the Halo 3 FFA hoppers, it's a completely different type of match.
Rocket Race is being dialed back on multiteam, but really they probably need to break that out too.  It was voted for constantly the first couple days after it was introduced, but since then I haven't played a game of it.  Of course, there is a limit to how many playlists the population can support.

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