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Through a bit of luck I recently won a Legendary Edition of this game. It arrived today from Microsoft's PR company and the seal on the main Legendary box had been cut. I'm not sure if this was done because they removed something or just because they didn't want me returning it to a store. The seal on the game box (which appears to the same as the limited edition) is completely in tact. I've had the regular edition of the game since it came out and I'm not ready to break the seal on this yet. 
Can someone tell me where the card that contains the code for the flaming armor effect is located? Is it inside the game box or was it with the little "handwritten" note and assembly instructions that you see when you open the main legendary box?
edit: I watched about 8 unboxing videos before posting this. I went back and watched one more and finally found one detailed enough to give me my answer. Thinking back,  I didn't check Jeff's. That may have also given me my answer. The code is in with the game for anyone who is wondering.

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In the game case.

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