Reach Customs every Monday and Friday!

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Interested in playing a variety of different custom games? I will be hosting games for Halo: Reach every Monday and Friday.

Now because of my schedule I am unable to play normally with most of the groups playing on Friday and Saturday nights. I am sure that I am not the only one that can’t play at these times so I decided to make my own scheduled custom game nights.

First the Monday night games will be at 4 PM - 6 PM PST (7 PM - 9 PM EST).

The Friday night games are going to be pretty late (or very early) at 1 AM - 3AM PST (4 AM - 6 AM EST). Technically this would be considered Saturday morning.

Each week I will be focusing on different types of games but will try to split it evenly between these main categories...

- Slayer/Team Slayer

- Infection

- Mini-games

- BTB/Invasion

I will announce what we will be playing for the following week so if you dislike certain gametypes then you can choose not to attend. I will also message you on Xbox Live detailing what we are doing next and any changes happening.

All you need to do to join is add me as a friend (Archerycat29) on Xbox Live and I will send you a message/invite when we are about to start. There is no requirement to join. Just be aware that if I do somehow get too many requests and I never see you playing I will probably have to drop you from my friendslist.

First game night will be on Monday March 19, at 4 PM PST. It will be just Slayer/Team Slayer on custom maps to get a feel of how things will go. More of just a meet and greet to see how many people we have.

Anyway thanks for considering joining up for these games! Hopefully we will have many fun nights together!

Don’t forget to send a friend request to me (Archerycat29) on Xbox Live to join up!

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Do you have other people to play with?

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I like custom games because of the opportunity to do something really refreshing, I'm not opposed to slayer on custom maps, but I think a good mix of some competitive custom games as well as some of the ones below, would be fun.

I will repost what I posted in the other Reach community night thread.

Because of the response of the infection custom game this last Friday. I have spent a couple of hours finding what I think are some of the best custom games in reach.

Below are links to what I have in mind. They are in order of what I think would be most interesting.


Jump Rope- Infection Game Type

Avalanche- Objective/Race Game Type (potentially confusing, should watch to know how to score)

Speed - Infection (a better version then we played last Friday)

Crash up Derby - King of the hill (Be the last person left in the square to win a round. Starts 2:40)

Hogs from Heck - Infection

Toy Factory- Infection Tetris


Let me know what you guys think. I have no intentions of trying to take over. I don't want to be that guy. If you're not interested, no hurt feelings at all. Just wanted to know if you'd be interested in these.

All of my love, Jeremy (Gamertag = Chedbot3000)

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While I've nothing against game nights (and I'd love to see a Giant Bomb Halo: Reach night return in some capacity), this exact announcement has been posted on a fewdifferent sites.

...which, regretfully, leads me to say: Please don't advertise on Giant Bomb. Thanks!


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