Tip on Weekly Challenge 7/26/11

#1 Posted by KarlHungus (144 posts) -

The challenge is to beat a campaign level on Legendary difficulty in under 12 minutes not counting Lone Wolf. I was able to do this by getting to one of the last checkpoints before a level ends, then saving and quitiing, and quitting the game. I then started the game again, resumed my saved game, and quickly finished the level and the challenged popped. Using this strategy, it is an extremely easy 10000 credits.

#2 Posted by Sitoxity (559 posts) -

@KarlHungus: Or you just finish the night mission by running through in less than...what is it, 3 minutes?

#3 Edited by TheSpartanDon (162 posts) -

You can easily run the 'Nightfall' Mission in under 5 minutes, provided you know the 'Forklift Glitch'.

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