Today's Pass the Rock challenge = broken?

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I played a round of rumble pit and multiteam and this challenge was grayed out as "not currently available"  I noticed on multiteam it was active when I first jumped in, but when I checked again later it was grayed out.  Perhaps it only counts assists until you die the first time?  What the heck?

#2 Posted by Gamer_152 (14299 posts) -

The challenge is broken, as soon as you die it counts as "failed". Neither Bungie, nor Halo Waypoint have posted anything suggesting that they are aware of the problem but the Bungie forums are crawling with reports of the glitch.

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@Gamer_152:  Ah, thanks for the info.  Hopefully they'll fix this one like the firefight challenge that was impossible to achieve from a few weeks ago.   
If it truly is meant to be "Earn 20 assists without dying in a match" then it should be worth about 100,000cr...
I thought for sure we'd see a challenge specifically for co-op campaign this weekend. 
#4 Posted by zombie2011 (5271 posts) -

Don't worry the problem will be gone tomorrow.

#5 Posted by R3Qui4M (493 posts) -
@zombie2011: lol
#6 Posted by Teran (876 posts) -

There are a couple challenges that are broken like this one, hopefully they'll get around to fixing them.

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