What's you're favorite level in Reach?

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Not only because it's so different from whats come before, but the entire atmosphere and epicness of the thing is just amazing IMO.
 What do you guys (and girls possibly) think?
edit: added spoiler warning. Sorry if I've ruined anything!
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I don't know yet. This game is surprisingly good though, LOVE the campaign. I have three levels left.

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Oh dear, picking one is pretty hard...
I guess I liked the beginning of the last one, where you can make a huge drop for the achievement. (You and Emile heading for the shipyard mission)
Lots of good combat there, also Sword Base was crazy with all the elites, but the city part in the park was great too!
I can't pick!

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New Alexandria was epic.

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Unlike say Halo 1 there was no one level that stood out as much worse or better than the others. I can't think of any level that stood out as being particularly good actually. Not saying it wasn't good, it certainly was, but the quality was a lot more even compared to previous Halo games.

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That one stood out the most to me, though every level was top quality, if you ask me, so it's hard to pick just one. 
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the cave reminded me of Assault on the control room from Combat Evolved, when you first see the pillar of Autumn and then Jacob Keys was pretty dope, fucking SPACE, that level was awesome....so many great things about that game!

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They were all pretty good, none especially stood out all that much to me...I guess the last two. The one near the beginning too where you go into sword base and it's all fine and then you come back later and it's all completely effed up. 
(Didn't bother with spoiler tags because a) I don't know how to use them and b) If you come into this thread you should expect spoilers.)

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The level after the credits.

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I found that my anticipation for a massive set piece ending kinda spoiled the last 3rd of the game, but going back and playing I am loving the campaign. Something about the sound, damage, difficulty and everything just makes halo feel fresh.

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The Covenant Corvette level in the 6th mission. It is cool that the first part of it in zero Gravity.

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about halfway through and I have enjoyed all of the levels.  Except the first one, but that wasn't really a level ;-)

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New Alexandria shows that Bungie artists should really be architects. I want to live in a city designed by them. ^_^

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I liked the very last level (after the credits) the most...   

I also really liked New Alexandria. The night-club-esque room with the hunters was awesome. If you looked off in the distance while you were flying the helicopter you could see an area of the place that was burning and getting the fuck lasered out of it. It contrasted nicely with the eerie purple glow of the rest of the level. Really stood out to me for some reason. On that note, I also want to say how fucking awesome the scenery was in that game. There aren't many games that come out where I literally just stop and look off in the distance. It was beautiful.
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I love the campaing and as an experience the first level was the best for me,but gameplay wise i would probably say either Exodus (it's the one in New Alexandria) The package (under sword base) or Nightfall. Overall Reach is one of the most best singleplayer campaings i have played. I'm a huge Halo fan but i have honestly felt that after CE the series has gone downhill and now Reach came and redeemed it all.

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Lone Wolf definitely. It brings so much messages not just in the game universe but beyond that.
It's heartbreaking yet it's a necessary close which shouldn't be replaced.

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  The first 'real' level, Winter Contingency was my favorite because I realized this wasn't going to be just another Halo.  The cutscene on the other side of the youtube link is largely why this level is my favorite.  Minor spoilers, nothing really relevant to the story when watched out of context... unless you're coming into this game thinking the Covenant aren't on Reach.

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I think Tip of the Spear and Long Night of Solace together are my favorite. I think those two levels really get across the idea that despite whatever small victories you might achieve, you're fucked. 

I will say that my least favorite level by far was New Alexandria. Unlike the Sabre from Long Night of Solace, the Falcon was really sluggish, the weapon on it wasn't very satisfying to use, and that whole sequence went on wayyy too long. 
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I thought that the one in the Hornet was pretty fun. Also, the thing after the credits.

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Hard too say, there were a lot of good ones.  
I will get back to you on this.
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Space level, definitely. Made me want some multiplayer space battles.

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I have a real affinity for Winter Contingency. Not sure why.  
I think Nightfall's probably my least favorite. Just sort of meh. Was never a fan of the sniper stuff in Halo. 

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Winter Contingency with that sweet cinematic. So badass when Jorge slams the door shut to lock them all in. 

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@Burns09: That whole moment with the Zealot Elites is fucking incredible. Really, really impressive how intense that cutscene is.
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That cinematic was the high point of the entire game for me, I just wish they could've carried over that style more often, instead of making all the other first person bits you doing a face-plant then getting up.
Favourite level was probably the night level in the Falcon, because of the feeling of freedom I guess. Least favourite was near the end, fighting through the broken ships with no ammo against instant kill infinite ammo fuel rod gun elites with quintuple overshield.

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  @Donos:   I mentioned the cinematic earlier, it is one of the best choreographed fight scenes I've seen.  It practically oozes style showing two teams of elite soldiers going at it and basically ending in a draw, though the elites know they're going to lose.

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What's the level where you assassinate the elite on the cliff in the very beginning? I'm drawing a blank here. But that would be my favorite. Picking off grunts with a sniper rifle never gets old.

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@PrivateIronTFU: Nightfall. Love your avatar picture, by the way.
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@Burns09 said:
" Winter Contingency with that sweet cinematic. So badass when Jorge slams the door shut to lock them all in.  "
That whole cutscene was awesome, the music helped quite a bit. However my favorite level has to be "Lone Wolf". Seeing your Spartan finally go down was something else.
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My favorite at least the first time through was the space level when you board the covenant ship and there is no gravity. Throwing grenades was awesome and the design of the ship was great to look at, oh and the ending of that level was one of the best moments in the game.

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