Your chance to win a Halo Reach map pack code is right here.

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#201 Posted by Wasara88 (332 posts) -

Oh yes please. Send me a code to get some new maps. Heard they are amazing.

#202 Posted by Jeffsekai (7017 posts) -

Me please!! 

#203 Posted by DocPorpoise (101 posts) -

perfect, i like codes and halo reach.

#204 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1782 posts) -

Really excited for a new forge canvas.

#205 Posted by Gamer_152 (13975 posts) -

Great stuff Jeff (crosses fingers).

#206 Posted by Cramsy (1160 posts) -

Awesome nice competition guys. I'm in =]

#207 Posted by sarge1445 (673 posts) -

duder I love me some of the halos actually I really do love halo

#208 Posted by BlueStriped (99 posts) -

Nom Nom Nom Nom

#209 Posted by Humanoid (206 posts) -

Entries, entries everywhere! 

#210 Posted by plop1920 (446 posts) -

Don't even think about sending me a code!

#211 Posted by RazielCuts (2711 posts) -


#212 Posted by Deimos (28 posts) -

Yo quiero mapas gratis!

#213 Posted by WJist (311 posts) -

I'd like a chance to pop in my Reach disc again : )

#214 Posted by Ciffy (215 posts) -


#215 Posted by Kermity (74 posts) -

Definitely interested
#216 Posted by Deathpooky (1343 posts) -

I also like codes.

#217 Posted by Potter9156 (937 posts) -

I like free stuff AND Halo. 

#218 Posted by Wyld (278 posts) -

Hooray! I would love the chance to acquire this code
#219 Posted by MightyMayorMike (422 posts) -

Oooh, pick me, coach, pick me!
This map pack is going to ruin my S-Rank. >:(

#220 Posted by SjayaK (9 posts) -

A code you say? Sure :)

#221 Posted by Ley_Lines (247 posts) -

I worked so hard to get all the achievements to get the s rank before the DLC but it didn't update in time...still hasn't. Still it's worth a shot.

#222 Posted by MaFoLu (1854 posts) -

Aha, is this my chance? 
I can't be the first one to say that, right? 
Anyway, I don't have many wikipoints and I don't really know if you would consider my quest completion that high, but what the hell.
Sign me up for a chance to win some letters and numbers arranged in such a way that it becomes a code for a Halo:Reach map pack!

#223 Posted by Fosssil (627 posts) -

I would like a free code, please.

#224 Posted by CoheedFavorHouse (670 posts) -


#225 Posted by cap123 (2477 posts) -

me please!

#227 Posted by the_korben (66 posts) -

Is "code" some code for code? 

#228 Posted by Bobstar (305 posts) -

I'd LOVE to get a code!

#229 Posted by adoggz (1953 posts) -

lets fail, wooooo

#230 Posted by Chris2KLee (2308 posts) -

So, it's like 8 Million codes right?

#231 Posted by tadale (6 posts) -

I would love a download code for the maps.

#232 Posted by dbz1995 (4786 posts) -

I guess I'm least likely to win, then.

#233 Posted by slyspider (1037 posts) -


#234 Posted by Ghostface318 (94 posts) -

My reply is my password.

#235 Posted by EuanDewar (4513 posts) -

Spin mothaeffer. Spin your digital love my way. (Im sorry)
#236 Posted by Nubstradamus (15 posts) -

sweet. just picked it up yesterday.

#237 Posted by idiotic_genius1 (416 posts) -

I like free stuff
#238 Posted by Robiin (292 posts) -

This would be the perfect excuse to get back into Halo Reach after earning all the achievements. Unfortunatley, I am broke because of the recent Steam sale...
So, dear Giant Bomb, do I get a code ?

#239 Posted by Eidderf (504 posts) -

I'll have a code though I think maybe my quest complete level is probably a bit too low to win

#240 Posted by ClassyLime (39 posts) -

Who doesn't love free stuff!

#241 Posted by SlightConfuse (3963 posts) -

im down to get some codes just got reach on black friday

#242 Posted by devoninja (9 posts) -

I'd love to win this. Don't have much in the way of quests or wiki points to help though :(

#243 Posted by SledgeGBay (11 posts) -

Might as well throw my name in the hat.

#244 Posted by Alpha1 (253 posts) -

Free Stuffffffffff!!!!!!!!!

#245 Posted by Falconer (1658 posts) -

I need a Donkey Kong... I MEAN, weapon.

#246 Posted by Yzzerdd (521 posts) -

Posting in a legendary thread!

#247 Posted by Samaculus (1 posts) -

If that code is anything like Zombie Sonny Bono, then I'm in!

#248 Posted by Poolball055 (2 posts) -

Guess I'll jump in for this. Was lucky with Halo related giveaways before, let's see if that holds up.

#249 Edited by Beauty (58 posts) -

Interested. Thank ya GB! 
FYI, the account I was using before the membership had more wiki points, but I wanted to switch the name.

#250 Posted by DontLikeJelly (1 posts) -


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