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"L'audace, l'audace, toujours l'audace."

So lets be frank: taking your uber-successful franchise, removing its almost-as-famous-as-Mario main character, making it prequel, and finally setting it an story that millions of people already know ends in tragedy and loss? That takes some balls. But, unlike the franchise's last two experiments, ODST and Wars, this is an balls-to-the-walls, edge of your seat, visceral success. 
So what's to like? Well, if you have actually enjoyed the single-player campaign experience of the previous games, you will be rewarded. There is a story, a pretty good one. It goes some weird places at times, but that is to be expected. But it takes you some varied places too, from the space mission, which is cool but limited, and even a some stealthier missions, if by stealth you mean tag-teaming dudes with sniper rifles from afar. 
Speaking of tag-teaming, I really enjoyed the squad elements in the game. There is no teammate control, just some really, really well done AI. You never feel like you have to escort Noble team, that they are holding you back; nor however are they unstoppable Übermensch that you can hide behind until everyone is dead. Sometimes you'll fight along side the whole of Noble Team, sometimes just you and a buddy, and sometimes you'll have entire platoons of UNSC Army dudes helping out until they get slaughtered. Because keep in mind, there is a damn WAR going on around you. You are usually on the periphery of it, but it is there, and people are dieing. It really adds some atmosphere and scale to the maps. 
Gameplay wise, again, if you liked Halo 1, 2, 3 and/or ODST's campaign and coop, you'll still love this. The controls are as tight as a console game gets, the guns have a good punch and BOOM to them, and the Armor Abilities can change up how you fight dramatically. Because this is a prequel, the shield and armor system is closer to Halo:CE, than Halo 3. This change is softened by the buddy AI that is fighting and soaking up needles beside you, but you will find yourself pausing to recharge a lot. Run, gun, breath is the way to play. Also, run, brutal melee-assassination, breath is a good strategy too.
Hey, you like Firefight? Firefight is better. It has match-making, so you can actually find some games to play. It can be shorter, which is a lot more manageable and reasonable. Also, there is a mode that lets you or some other person spawn as part of the horde wave, which can be a huge pain in the ass, or really awesome depending on the players. People tired of playing with Cabooses in Slayer may get a lot of play out of the new Firefight. 
So yeah, about Multiplayer... I haven't played a Halo multiplayer match since running the original game on system link in my dorm. Not my cup of tea(baggin) anymore. If you liked it before, you likely won't even read this review: you're out camping for a pre-ordered Legendary midnight copy. It isn't broke, afaik, so I don't think they fixed it. 
In sum, Bungie managed the audacity to end their series run with a prequal, with a story that's been told already, about a completely different character. They had the audacity to go back in time, but find more guns to add (it's the army, not Marines, duh,) and give them to a Squad. But they also had the l'audace to make it a freaking good game. Also?  Thermopylae .

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Posted By Gugi9000

How did you get this 14+ days before it's supposed to be released? 
Also? 300?

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Posted By Noodles
@Gugi9000 said:
" How did you get this 14+ days before it's supposed to be released?  Also? 300? "
Because he is a filthy pirate.
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Posted By Mrnitropb
@Noodles said:
" @Gugi9000 said:
" How did you get this 14+ days before it's supposed to be released?  Also? 300? "
Because he is a filthy pirate.
No, no I am not a pirate. I am just really really lucky, and don't give a damn about NDA's.
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Posted By BobBarker

Oh, that's fine then. He's not breaking criminal law, just civil law :)

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Posted By MarioBoza

great review! im excited as all hell to play this!

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Edited By boku

Forget about Bungies balls, man! You've got balls, balls of steel, for reviewing this earlier then the game site you've posted it on! :P

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Posted By blogpostnogood

Thanks for taking the time to write up a review dude.  I enjoy reading pre-release public member reviews the same as commercial ones.  Lets not attack fellow Giantbomb members for taking some initiative, he did this for the community, and therefore should be praised for his actions, not listed as a possible gaming pirate terrorist and burned publicly.   
Cheers and thanks.

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Posted By C0V3RT

I'm just floating this out there - and if you really did play this, rock on. But this reads like you compiled tidbits from various wiki's and articles and put it out as a review (which I've seen happen before).  You say you didn't pirate and don't care about NDA's - yet I don't see anything on your gamercard showing you played the game.  I need more proof you actually played the game.

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Posted By Jayzilla

i love how you argue that Master Chief not in a Halo game is important. It's a dude who's face no one ever sees and that doesn't talk. 

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Edited By RaisingIndiana
Master Chief totally talked. Maybe you're thinking of Half Life, not Halo.
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Edited By CaptainCody

Dude, you never even played the game, get the fuck out of here loser.
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Posted By This_Dude

The way this review is written, it seems like you've never even played this game.  But you already knew that.

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Posted By fjor

 "removing its almost-as-famous-as-Mario main character"  rofl

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Edited By tourgen
@BobBarker said:

" Oh, that's fine then. He's not breaking criminal law, just civil law :) "

Civil law in both cases actually.  Copyright infringement is a civil matter.
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Edited By Thrawnkkar

lol, I can't believe people came here, looked at your "review" that was 2 weeks early, and then praised you for it before looking at your profile to see your XBOX Live account shows that you have zero achievements for the game.
Which means you either never played it, or wont connect your XBOX to the internet because you dont want Microsoft to ban you for pirating Reach. They have been on record that the only reason someone will be banned is if they have been playing the leaked version of the game.
Which if you HAVE played it, and are just waiting to connect your account, good luck, its on there permanently.

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Posted By altbotdos

This review is so awesome in so many ways.

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Posted By Yanngc33
I got it early too (4 days early) and the achievements only started updating onto GB on sunday or saturday (i live in france so i dont know which day it was). I think he's lying, it sounds more like a commentary than a review. Anybody can watch all of the bungie weekly updates and make a pretty convincing sounding review if you ask me 
btw to all those who think im pimping my review, im not.... but check it out anyways ;)
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Posted By copycatzen

i dont even...

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