sins_of_mosin's Halo: Reach (Xbox 360) review

More then just a game.

You know that feeling when you are about to watch a movie that is so grand, so epic that you have goose bumps?  Halo Reach will do that and will do it for the entire game.
Love it or hate it, make no mistake that Halo is the current top dog in video games.  What Mario and Sonic was to 1980s and 90s, Halo is the current top dog.  Not only in terms of sales but also hype, devotion, and hate.  The amount of jealousy and hate that the PS3 fans come up with at the mention of Halo is a sure sign that Halo is doing something great.
I did the story solo on heroic and had a blast the entire time.  Some parts where quite hard but since most of the maps are so open, you can try a different approach.  This is something that lacks big time in CoD games.  I never felt like the game was linear like CoD.  The action was intense and never repetitive.  I enjoy switching guns, throwing grenades, and running for cover.  I would have liked a few more times on the gun platform segments or maybe one with the tank.
I never seen any motion blur that some are reporting.  I don't know if it's their screen or their lazy eyes, haha.  I do know some games can affect people without any previous signs.  For me, Beautiful Katamari will make me sick so its a shame that some people are having non-game related issues.
I rarely listen to a game's music as its usually crap but Reach's helps to bring out that epic feeling as you play.  The sounds were top notch all around.  The sheer amount of things in the Armory should really help make you stand out.  The options are just insane.  Being able to get credits in all modes of play is really nice.  I ended the story as a Sergeant Grade 1.
From what I seen, all the cut scenes during the story are not cgi but in game visuals.  Some might QQ about it but I felt it kept me in the game more.  I didn't experience any bugs or any bad game design.  I do think your friendly AI could use a couple tweaks, at least when it comes to driving vehicles.  Thou, if you play with a friend or so then it don't matter much.
Generally, I play a game and then just move on.  With Reach, I know I will remember it for the rest of the year and maybe for the rest of the 360's life.  I sure hope you stayed thru the credits because you missed something very awesome and sad at the end.


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